en Amendment 2 not needed; we already have Charlotte’s Web <p> <em><strong>Barney Bishop</strong></em></p> <p> <em><strong>ContexTFlorida</strong></em></p> <p> As time goes by, it appears that Amendment 2 is facing serious opposition from likely voters.</p> <p> Though the press has loved quoting a flawed Quinnipiac Poll that showed 88 percent of voters were in support, once pollsters began asking the question as it would appear on the ballot, support has dropped significantly to somewhere between 56 percent and 61 percent.</p> Letters Policy <p> &nbsp;The Chiefland Citizen welcomes reader input on topics of local interest. To be considered for publication, submissions must adhere to the following guidelines:</p> How the First District Court of Appeal ignored Florida voters <p> <strong>Martin Dyckman</strong></p> <p> <strong>ContexTFlorida</strong></p> <p> Voters across Florida cast ballots in November 2000 to say whether they wanted to continue electing most of their circuit and county court judges or would let the governor appoint them.</p> <p> Election was the overwhelming favorite everywhere. In Duval, Nassau and Clay counties, which comprise the Fourth Circuit, it was the choice of 69.3 percent of the voters.</p> <p> This week, Florida&rsquo;s First District Court of Appeal had a message for them:</p> <p> Drop dead.</p> Voters aren’t apathetic; They’re sick of political lies <img src="" alt="" title="" align="left" hspace="6" /><p> <strong>By Stephen L. Goldstein</strong></p> <p> <strong>ContexTFlorida</strong></p> <p> Post-primary punditry about low voter turnout in Florida (especially in Democrat-rich Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties) is as predictable and prolific as it is paltry.</p> <p> Adding up the numbers, analysts&ndash;I use the term loosely&ndash;have come to the unremarkable conclusion that Charlie Crist&rsquo;s chances of defeating Rick Scott are in doubt.</p> <p> Henny Penny&rsquo;s sky is alleged to be falling down.</p> Mass murder exposes dysfunction in DCF regional office <p> <strong>By Andrew Skerritt</strong></p> <p> <strong>ContexTFlorida</strong></p> <p> The state&rsquo;s Department of Children and Families Northeast Region, which was responsible for the safety of the six children massacred by their grandfather in the rural town of Bell, drastically needs new leadership.</p> Thanks yous from a family, Chamber <p> <strong>Thanks, from the family</strong></p> <p> The family of John Rutledge thanks each person who participated in the planning and presentation of the dedication of the Bronson High School football field to John Rutledge.</p> <p> Anyone who knew him knows that he was a sportsaholic and would have been so proud of this honor.</p> <p> A special thanks to Supt. Bob Hastings, School Board, especially Cameron Asbell, Mr. John Lott, the staff at BHS and many others. Bronson High will always be in our hearts.</p> <p> <strong>Thanks, from the Chamber</strong></p> Thank you from the candidates <p> <strong>From Chad Johnson:</strong></p> Buying the baby <p> I am guessing it was almost a year ago when the city was in the throes of its strapped financial situation and two new commission members were warming their seats that Fire Chief James Harris gave a speech on the history of Chiefland Fire Rescue, a story of small town volunteerism.</p> <p> Then he wrapped it up with a few selected bits of data and said moving forward the city would have to decide whether it wanted a volunteer organization or a paid, professional city department.</p>