Sports Column

  • Cappy's Corner: Who cares about sports?

    “They wouldn’t complain if they didn’t care.” That was the response of my first editor when a reader questioned my opinion in a column. That was in Miami, the one in Oklahoma, not in Florida. Where the last syllable of the town’s name is a “muh,” not a “mee.”

  • Cappy's Corner: Eww ... That smell

    When I first climbed up the stairs into the Chiefland baseball bus, a familiar smell washed over me. It was the odor of sweaty socks, something most athletic buses take on as players shed shoes for a long road trip.

    On this trip, we were headed to Jacksonville Providence for the Indians' regional semifinal game against the Stallions.

  • Cappy's Corner: Enjoy slugger while you can

    Never have I witnessed a player of Taylore Fuller’s caliber. Perhaps Barry Bonds, but the only juice Taylore takes is orange, apple or grape.

    In this week's print edition, we include a graphic called ‘Taylore’s Tally” that will update throughout the remainder of the season as she’s challenging for the national lead for home runs hit by a high school softball player, as far as those who have submitted statistics to MaxPreps.com.

  • Cappy's Corner: Blame me, not coach

    When anyone approaches a reporter and says, “I have a real problem with something you wrote,” most of us instantly become defensive.

    We pride ourselves on reporting fact. We stand behind every word. We aspire to report what we’re told accurately, and succinctly.

    So when a parent came to me “with a real problem” about a sentence in a story about Chiefland finalizing its 2011 football schedule, I instantly put up a wall, ready to tackle whatever was thrown my way.

  • Cappy's Corner: Take recruiting into your own hands

    Parents and players always ask me what they can do to attract college attention. I'm no expert. Anyone who calls themselves a recruiting expert is a joke because there is no exact science to recruiting.

    For full disclosure, I've covered more than 400 Division I games, mostly football, baseball and men's basketball. I don't even want to begin to count the number of high school games.

  • Cappy's Corner: Genuine Jamantye

    From the moment I heard about this job, I've been hearing about Chiefland’s Jamantye Thompson. 

    To check out the paper, I went where anybody else would look first, chieflandcitizen.com.

    "Jumpin' Jamantye" was the first headline to catch my eye. Then another on Thompson, and another, and another. Perusing printed archives after getting the gig, and the senior tailback’s pictures were plastered across the pages.

  • Cappy's Corner: A Carnival of Commentary

    Readers will come to expect, and hopefully enjoy from time to time, a carnival of commentary in this space each week. 

    We’ll hit a variety of topics, and it almost always will be local. Some weeks, it’s tougher to zero in on one topic as there are several ideas running through my mind I believe are worth noting.

  • Cappy's Corner: Ch-Ch-Ch Changes

    Like the coaches and players we try to follow, we also want to improve with each game.

    We, too, want to make your sports section the absoulte best it can be from week to week.

    This is why readers will begin noticing changes throughout the B section, beginning largely with this week’s new elements such as the player feature on Chiefland’s own Halie Hammond or the “Who Knows Best?”  section at the bottom of the page.

  • Cappy's Corner: What I've learned thus far

    OK, so I've been here at the paper for almost a month now and there are a handful of things I've learned in a short time.

    For the record, even though I may have learned a few things, I still know next-to-nothing about Levy County. But I am trying to learn more every day.

    What I've learned thus far:

  • Cappy's Corner: The ball is in your court

    This is my cry for help. This is my plea to you — the reader, the fan, the coach, the parent, the teacher, the administrator, the classmate, the grandma and even the players themselves— to take over ownership of this sports section.

    This is YOUR newspaper about YOUR community, but are you getting everything you want? Are you seeing the best possible stories from the Levy County world of sports every week?