• Chiefland threw itself a birthday party and it was a doozey. Thank yous are in order, but where to begin? And the list is mighty long.   The prayer rally packed First Baptist Church of Chiefland which stepped up to hold the gathering after the weather terrorists promised ugly storms last Thursday. No storm, but it was a nice setting. 

  • A couple of weeks ago was surely the worst imaginable for Chiefland Middle School Principal Darby Allen. 

  • Levy County home owners, when Gov. Scott was campaigning, he promised to bring 80,000 new jobs to Florida. What he really meant was he was going to bring 80,000 cows to Florida to finish off the springs and rivers.

  • The Divided 


  • For some time now, there have been banners set up around the county, with the words, “Levy County Sheriffs Office Employees Support Bobby McCallum for Sheriff”.

  • The Chiefland Area Athletic Association needs your help. We are getting ready to host our 19th Annual Halloween Carnival on Oct. 27. The event will be held from 5:30 to 9 p.m. at Strickland Park. 

  • Dear Editor,

  •  By Joe Gruters, 


  • By Marla Cilley

    The Fly Lady

  • Yard signs stolen—dirty politics

  • It's OK to use paper
    It's OK to print! I often receive emails that caution me to "Consider the environment before printing this email" or "Save trees: Print only when necessary."

  • It's OK to use paper
    It's OK to print! I often receive emails that caution me to "Consider the environment before printing this email" or "Save trees: Print only when necessary."

  • In the wooded farmlands west of Williston stands, neglected and forgotten, an abandoned country church. Like a monument to the county’s rich historical past, this church is a silent sentinel and reminder of when our churches were the heart of community life.
    In days gone by, the tiny church houses were the center of life and death, where revivals, baptisms, weddings, Sunday school classes and funerals were held. But all country churches had a common thread, a warm homey feeling about them.

  • Chiefland City Commissioner Rollin Hudson says the hottest day in Chiefland is always city election day.
    I prefer to think there are three equally hot days: Chiefland High School graduation day, city election day and Watermelon Festival day.
    It was no exception this year as I worked at the Citizen booth and stood in the heat for an hour as the annual festival parade rolled by. I was delirious for a shower.
    As I left Chiefland at about 1 p.m. I called home. "No shower," the Carnivore said. "Something's wrong with the well."

  • Tell it to the District
    Dear Citizen Readers:
    Has your home well gone dry yet?  Did you know that if it does that your home owners insurance won’t cover your well replacement?  
    Digging a deeper well is an expensive proposition.  Depending on how deep you need to go, it can cost several hundred dollars to get to water. Then you have to replace your pump. When the pump tries to pump air, it burns up and you will need a new one to the tune of $1,000 to $1,500—maybe more. It all depends on when you hit water.

  • Great tax aide event
    We have enjoyed another exceptional season with the AARP Tax Aide with the generous support of our communities.
    The Luther Callaway Library serves as our Chiefland host site. We are grateful to Sue Ann Burkhardt and her staff who welcome taxpayers and volunteers. Thanks so much for your help.
    Our dedicated volunteers who make this service possible are Jenny Anderson, Loretta Poole, Denei Morehouse, Marc Burkhardt, Robin Jocelyn and Carl Burkhardt.