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  • Former fire chief goes to court Nov. 12

    The case against Dennis Russell, former Bronson Youth League president, has been set for a pre-trial conference on Nov. 12.

    Russell, who also a former chief of the Bronson Fire Department, is free on $75,000 bail while awaiting trial on charges of sexual battery on a child under 12 and sexual battery on a child between the age of 12 to 18.

    Russell, who as a longtime football and baseball coach in the BYL, was relieved of his duties after his arrest in October 2007. He is also barred from being on city property where youth activities are being held.

  • Students earn rewards for good behavior

    Surrounded by balloons and guitars on the cafeteria stage, with posters of Hanna Montana and the Jonas Brothers, a giant inflatable jukebox, and records hanging from the ceiling, Bronson Elementary students are eating, dancing, giggling, and blowing lots of bubbles.

    "Can I freshen up your drink, miss?" teacher Mark Roberts asks a first grade student. With her approval, he proceeds to top off her fruit punch and add fresh ice. Roberts is spending Friday moonlighting as maitre'd for BES's Hard Work Cafe.

  • School Zone

    Upcoming Activities, Events and Other School Information

    All Schools:

    Oct. 20-No School-Teacher Workday

    Oct. 21-Levy County School Board Meeting @ 9:30 a.m.

    Oct. 24-No School-UF Homecoming

    Oct. 27-31-Red Ribbon Week-Drug Awareness and Abuse Prevention

    Chiefland Elementary

    Oct. 21-SAC Meeting @ 5:30 p.m. CES Media Center

    Oct. 28-Safety Patrol Cake Auction @ 6:30 p.m. in CES Cafeteria

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  • Bronson Speedway up for sale

    Normally, Saturday nights in Bronson revolve around racing. The smell of burnt rubber mixes with car exhaust. A booming announcer's voice competes with revving engines. But Saturday night, all was quiet.

    Bronson Motor Speedway, a one-third mile long, high-banked asphalt racetrack, was put up for sale earlier this week, screeching the season to a halt and leaving a few passionate fans wondering just how they'll spend their Saturday nights.

    "Now we'll be bored," Jimmy Dunford, a pit steward at the track, said.

  • Sentences handed down

    BRONSON - The following persons were sentenced in criminal court in Levy County in the 8th Judicial Circuit.

    Wayne L. Brewer, possession of a controlled substance without a prescription, 1 year and 1 day with 26 days credit for time served and a $250 fine; and possession of paraphernalia, dropped.

    Craig A Brown, bond hearing on charge of failing to re-register as required, bond denied.

  • Lessons I've learned from the dead

    My father and I were constantly at odds. I can't remember how or when it started, but I do remember thinking that he was the meanest, most unfair man alive.

    That changed right after I left high school as I started learning more about him as a man, and not just my daddy.

    By the time I moved to Georgia, we had a solid relationship-an unspoken one of mutual respect and trust.

    He wasn't into sentiment, and I wasn't about to broach my feelings of admiration for him. I thought I had years to tell him how much he meant to me, and how I finally understood the man he was.

  • You deserve to have all the news

    Let's see, it was late July and I was still new on the job.

    I asked a Sheriff's Office spokesperson about air conditioner burglaries in the county and I also noted my street alone had an AC stolen that was almost turned into a home burglary. And the same road also had a home invasion that resulted in the suspect's death and an armed robbery.

    Like a mantra he said crime was down and pointed to 2007 figures showing crime went down in Levy County.

  • Don't take anything off that table

    What it really comes down to is osmosis. You remember osmosis, don't you? In high school science, you learned that's the process that lets stuff pass through the membrane that surrounds your cells. Osmosis lets the good stuff in and the bad stuff out, trading spent fuel for new fuel. It keeps you alive.

    The funny thing about osmosis (other than the name) is that it's automatic. There's no conscious thought involved. That's why if you get stranded at sea, like Tom Hanks in Castaway, you mustn't drink seawater, even if you're dying of thirst.

  • Women's golf

    The Chiefland Women's Golf Association played, on Sept. 24, a game where only the nine holes beginning with the initials Ts and Fs, counted. Then we could deduct one half of our handicap to determine winners.

    Marilee Leonard took first place in the First Flight with a net score of 37. The Second Flight was won by Lorraine Nickolls with a net 36 and second place went to Jan Hendrix with a net 37. The Third Flight was won by Denise Boyle with a great net score of 32. We had no chip-ins or birdies made on this day of play, which is really unusual.

  • Eagles slay Dragons

    With a 49-14 win over Florida School for the Deaf and Blind, Bronson Eagles are 3-1, a fantastic start. Eagles' head coach Al Cooksey said the team had a good night, but still plenty of improvement ahead.

    "We've equaled our win total from last year already," he said. "But we had a lot of penalties and turnovers - too many - and we still need a lot of improvement."