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  • Letter: Librarian is thankful

    Levy County Public Library System's summer programs will end this week.

    Thank you to all the parents and daycares that made them a huge success. Summer programs are always fun at the library.

    Regular monthly programs will be starting again in September for the school year. Please contact your local librarian for specific dates and details.

    Thank you to all of our community helpers:

    Family and Consumer Sciences Levy County Extension which provide weekly healthy snacks and handouts;

  • Could Washington be right?

    Last week, the news came that the cash for clunkers program ran out of money in a week.

    And there was just a hopeful murmur out of Washington that the recession may be bottoming out.

    Here in Levy where more than 1 in 10 folks is unemployed, there might have been some agreement--especially in Chiefland where there are hopeful signs of an economy working hard to recover. Behind First Baptist Church, the $220,000 Harmony Baptist Pregnancy Center is being built.

  • Countdown starts to Monday's opening football practice

    They’re counting down the days to the start of football practice in Levy County. First day of practice is Monday, Aug. 10. Chiefland Indians will walk into the locker room at 10 a.m. Monday, and won’t be seen in public again until Aug. 13, the first day of full-contact practice.

    “We take their cellphones, their car keys " we’re going to shield them from the distractions of the outside world, so they can focus on their team,” said Chiefland football head coach Ajay Ulmer.

  • Anderson, Weatherford join Indians football staff

    Just in the nick of time, Chiefland football has finally found a new JV head football coach.

    Lt. Jimmy Anderson, a longtime youth coach for CAAA in both baseball and football, has agreed to take on the mantle of JV head coach.

    David Weatherford, Anderson’s longtime counterpart in youth football, will join him as JV assistant. Both will assist Chiefland football head coach Ajay Ulmer with varsity duties.

  • Indians find success in the Gopher State

    When Chiefland linebacker Jimmie Gunn went up to Minnesota State University at Mankato, there to become an All-North Central Conference First Team defender, he probably didn’t know his trek would inspire a migration.

    This year, five Chiefland High School grads, including All-Area athlete Cantrell Richardson and his cousin Marquis Jackson, will make the trek up to Mankato as part of the College Access Program (CAP). Jackson, a near cousin of Gunn’s who first visited the campus in his freshman year, decided several years ago that he wanted to go to MSU-Mankato.

  • Breaking News: U.S. Sen. Mel Martinez to announce his resignation at 3 p.m. press conference in Orlando.
  • Buie defeats Monyei to stay on commission

    Incumbent Chiefland City Commissioner Frank Buie defeated former Commissioner Alice Monyei 152 to 94 in their third race for the Group 1 seat in six years.

    The two vied for the only race on Tuesday's ballot today. The other two city commissioners up for election this year, Rollin Hudson and Sammy Cason, were both re-elected without opposition.

  • County OKs official's leave for Iraq

    Imagine advising farmers on raising food crops and cattle in Florida’s heat and alternating wet and dry spells, not to mention hurricanes, tornadoes and lightning strikes. Now, imagine advising farmers in Iraq where the temperature can reach 120 degrees in July and August, a dusty dry wind blows from April to June and the 120-degree heat after June gets a little help from a steady flow of dry air. Florida’s hurricanes are replaced by dust storms over there. And rain occurs mainly from December through April.

  • Chiefland sink goes pink to track water's trek

    Scientists contracting with the state began tests on a Chiefland sinkhole Monday morning to determine what happens to the water entering the rocky crevasse. “It’s never been done before,” Pete Butt, project manager for Karst Environmental Services Inc., one of the companies working with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection on the project, said.

  • Garbage fees raise big stink with school board

    An increase of 143 percent in the cost to collect garbage for Williston schools has the Levy County School Board steaming. At Tuesday's meeting of the board, Superintendent Bob Hastings said the city of Williston had recently stopped providing its own waste pickup service and instead contracted with vendor Emerald Waste Services. In the process, the city had raised the cost to collect trash from Williston's four school sites from $2,673 per month to $6,555 per month, coming to an annual cost of almost $79,000, an increase of about $46,000 more than last year.