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  • LCT inks deal with Creekside Christian

    The Levy County Commission has approved an agreement to transport students from the Levy County Transit Center in Bronson to Creekside Christian School in Otter Creek for the coming school year.

    The county charges the school $25 per student per week and a minimum $200 per week to transport a minimum of eight students per day.

    The deal calls for the bus to leave the center at about 7:30 a.m. and to return to the center at 3:15 p.m. Monday through Thursday. The bus will leave at the regular time on Friday and return at 12:30 p.m.

  • Tourism marketing plan approved by commission

    Ah, the many joys of Levy County. We know them well: the springs, the Suwannee River, the hiking, bike and horse trails, the roads with breathtaking scenery, the fishing, kayaking, paddling, canoeing and boating. We love it all.

    Problem is, not many folks outside Levy know of its attributes and Carol McQueen, Levy Visitor Bureau director, and the Levy County Tourist Development Council are looking to change that with a marketing plan that calls for spending $146,304 to promote the county.

  • Community Calendar for the week of August 4


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  • Harmonic convergence of weather for Cedar Key

    You could call it a harmonic convergence of the weather world when describing what caused flooding this past weekend in Cedar Key.

    Judging from the description of what caused the saltwater flooding in some areas by Police Chief Virgil Sandlin and Fire Chief Robert Robinson you could call it a harmonic convergence of weather forces.

    First there was the matter of the rain. Robinson said his rain gauge at the fire department showed the island received 5.5 inches between Thursday and Monday morning.

  • County property tax remains same

    The Levy County Commission has tentatively decided to keep property taxes at the same rate as last year, 8.2741 mils. With county property values increasing by 1.64 percent, the millage will bring in $13,292,188 in the fiscal year starting Oct. 1.

    The same millage raised $13,090.272 in property taxes in the current budget year.

    Commissioners said property owners would only see an increase of a few dollars on their tax bill.

  • Change coming to fire funding

    Commissioner Danny Stevens of Williston served notice to the municipal fire departments in Levy County: change is coming to the way the commission doles out money for coverage in the unincorporated county provided by those departments.

    “I have been thinking about this and we need a different methodology,” said Stevens (R-District 5), who oversees the county Department of Public Safety's fire and emergency medical budgets.

  • Bronson fire doesn't get all it seeks

    The Bronson fire department didn't get all the funding it asked for from Levy County for the upcoming year.

     The County Commission on Tuesday approved giving Bronson Fire Rescue $105,177 for the fiscal year beginning Oct. 1. Chief Dennis Russell had asked for the $95,000 plus a 10 percent add-on that the city had received for the past two years, but was rebuffed in that request.

  • Heavy rainfall causes problems

    Rain waters came flooding down in Levy County over the weekend, especially for areas such as Inglis and Cedar Key.

       "That area and Cedar Key are trouble areas when we get a lot of rain," Bruce Greenlee, administrative superintendent of the Levy County Road Department, said.

  • Boil water notice issued for flooded wells

    Residents in Levy and Dixie counties are being reminded of the dangers associated with heavy rains causing private wells to be flooded and making the water supply unsafe by the Department of Health in both counties.

    If your well casing has been submerged by flood water, either use bottled water, or boil or disinfect all the water you use for drinking, making beverages, cooking, brushing your teeth, washing dishes, and washing areas of the skin that have been cut or injured.

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