Today's News

  • Chili cook-off title goes to Ayers Health Center

        The winner of the annual Chiefland Senior Center Chili Cook-off held Jan. 12 during the annual senior health fair at Tommy Usher Community Center is Ayers Health Center in Trenton.

  • Engagement

    Saundra Stephens and Michael Stephens have announced their engagement and plans to marry in November.

    Miss Stephens is the daughter of Deanna Stephens of Chiefland and the late Rudolph Stephens. Mr. Stephens is the son of Earl Stephens of Chiefland, and Kay and Ron Teal of  Bronson. Both are graduates of Chiefland High School.

  • How cold was it?

     It was cold enough the night of Jan. 13-- about 32 degrees-- that photographer Barbara Moore, Old Town, made a bowl of ice by freezing water in a plastic bucket. When Moore emptied out the water that did not freeze she had a bowl made of ice with interesting designs. If you look closely, it almost resembles a manatee. "I thought that was terribly unique. I'm going to try it again," Moore said.  

  • Springhouse Quilters: Jan. 27

      By LOIS SCOTT and

  • Log Cabin Quilters: Jan. 27


  • Hotel to remain open

        Although Chiefland hotel owner Jagdish Patel has relinquished control of the Days Inn hotel, the hotel will not be closing, according to                    Terry Zwirn, the new manager of the hotel.

    Zwirn said Tuesday that bankruptcy court has given his company, the Berryfield Hotel Group, receivership of the hotel.

       Zwirn said the hotel has no plans to lay off staff and, in fact, expects to hire a few new employees.

  • Search for ghosts brings group to Chiefland

    The conversation started in the dark where four women had gathered, seated on the floor of a small room at the back of the Chief Theater.  The only light came from the glowing red letters of an exit sign over a backstage door and a grouping of small lights clustered around the lens of an infrared camera precariously positioned on a tripod.

  • Commissioners in support of Sheriff’s letter

    City commissioners voted 4-0 Monday night in favor of signing on to a letter from Levy County Sheriff Johnny Smith to state Sen. Steve Oelrich that is aimed at helping the county improve its radio communications.

  • CFEC lineman Hart says he has no memory of accident

    Johnathan Hart has no recollection of being shocked by a power line on Nov. 17— the power entering at the base of his thumb and exiting on the side of his foot. "I don't even recall going to work that day."  

  • Rosewood vandalism highest in state

    It was in May 2004 when then-Gov. Jeb Bush dedicated a historical marker at Rosewood in honor of the predominantly black community that was destroyed in a 1923 race riot.