• Sheriff's Report

    On June 22, Deputy Gary Brewer responded to 119 Mongo St., Bronson, in reference to a domestic dispute. Upon his arrival Linda Thomas, 46, was arrested for domestic aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

    The victim reported to Deputy Brewer that a verbal domestic dispute occurred inside the residence and the victim walked outside. Thomas followed the victim armed with a 12 inch kitchen knife waving the knife in a threatening manner.

  • Sheriff's Reports

    The Levy County Sheriff's Office reports the following arrests:

    _ Willie Gilbert, 44, Williston, was arrested on 06-19-08 for illegally siphoning gas from a truck owned by a local construction company. Gilbert told police he needed the gas to get to work. He was charged with petit theft and trespassing-$2,000 bail.

  • Sheriff's Reports

    The Levy County Sheriff's Office S.W.A.T. was called to Chiefland June 16 following an incident that left a home blasted with gunfire.

    Lloyd Aaron Roosa, 37, of N.W. 90th St., was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and resisting arrest without violence after he allegedly shot up the home of his girlfriend.

    According to the sheriff's office, the girlfriend told officers that Roosa had visited bars in Fanning Springs and upon returning home, retrieved a .22 caliber rifle from the bedroom and shot at her.

  • Machine gun seized

    WILLISTON-A World War II Japanese machine gun was recovered Tuesday when Williston police officers conducted a routine traffic stop.

    According to the police department, Abby Ross of Beverly Hills and Traci Bower of Dunnellon were stopped and charged with drug paraphernalia and illegal drug possession after being stopped for speeding A search of the vehicle revealed an assortment of prescription drugs with a street value of $1,675 and a rare Nambu machine gun. Authorities are validating the history of the weapon.

  • Sheriff's Reports

    The Levy County Sheriff's Office reports the following arrests:

    _ Jerrell L. Hopkins, 21190 N.E. 37 Place, Williston, was arrested June 4 for contempt of court. No bond.

    _ Daniel C. Boga, 7790 S.W. 35 Terrace, Inglis, was arrested May 30 for aggravated assault with weaponwithout intent to kill.

    _ Ruthanne S. McLain, 1301 NW 14 Ave., Chiefland, was charged May 31 on six counts of forgery and one count of fraudulent use of a credit card. $7,000 bail.

    _ Robert C. Rutlin, 425 S.E. 4 Dr., Williston, was arrested June 4 for burglary and petit theft. $15,000 bail.

  • Sheriff's Reports

    The Levy County Sheriff's Office reports the following arrests:

    Martin Daniel Wood of Bronson was charged with aggravated battery on a pregnant woman/resisting without violence.

    Stephen Otto Salzwedel of Newberry was charged with battery.

    Lucas Erwin Nordan of Bronson was charged with grand theft.

    Jaquelyn D. Bruce of Williston was charged with aggravated battery-domestic.

    Geri Lynne Brocious of Bronson was charged with domestic battery.

    Sean Stacy Abbott of Bronson was charged with domestic battery.

  • Man fails to register as sexual predator

    A 61-year-old Williston man was found bleeding in his bathtub Friday afternoon from self-inflicted razor cuts to his neck.

    According to a report from the Levy County Sheriff's Office, local and federal authorities were on their way to arrest the man, Jeffrey Wayne Rinehart, for violation of probation when, instead, they had to administer first aid to stop his wounds from bleeding.

    The Levy County Sheriff's Department found Rinehart, who was wanted by US Marshals from Arizona, living with his ex-wife in Williston.

  • Prank phone calls land soldier in jail

    An active-duty Army man was arrested in Chiefland Tuesday after making seven 911 calls in which he pretended to be the victim of a stabbing.

    Twenty-two-year-old Alexander Leroy Shelton, Fort Riley, Kan., first called 911 at 1:33 a.m., but he would not tell the Levy County Sheriff's Department where he was, a report from the Sheriff's Office said.

    Officials said Shelton, calling from a cellular phone, claimed to be being stabbed in the neck by a black man.

    He hung up, but called back minutes later with a low and gurgling voice, authorities said.

  • Pot grower nabbed at motel

    Some of the guests at the Bronson Motel have been there so long they have their own houseplants.

    The management doesn't care, unless those plants happen to be of the illegal variety.

    Thomas Clayton Delaino, a 20-year-old resident at the Bronson Motel, was arrested Monday morning after local authorities discovered a batch of marijuana growing in his room.

    According to a report from the Levy County Sheriff's Department, Delaino was found to have 10 of the illegal plants growing in his bathroom under grow lights.

  • Sheriff's Arrests

    The Levy County Sheriff's Office made the following arrests:

    Eddie Lee Strong, 30, of Bronson, conservation animals, causing cruel death, tormenting/mutiliating to death. Bond $15,000.

    Karon Creal, 39, of Bronson, two counts domestic battery. Bond $7,000.

    John Theodore Creel, 42, of Bronson, aggravated assault with a firearm. Bond $2,500.

    Theresa Peterson, 44, of Inglis, disorderly intoxication. Bond $1,000.

    Sandra Kay Vecchio, 46, of Lake Worth, DUI. Bond $2,500.