Local News

  • GED offers MORE for college

    The College of Central Florida's successful Adult Education Program, which serves about 750 students per year, wants to do more than bestow Florida High School diplomas and General Equivalency Diplomas to students.

    The program's seven educators at the Levy Center want to help graduates get something MORE — a successful entrance and graduation from college.

  • Drew becomes certified commissioner

     The Florida Association of Counties (FAC) presented Levy County Commissioner Marsha Drew with the Certified County Commissioner (CCC) designation following her completion of a comprehensive study program developed by the association. Commissioner Drew received the designation during an awards ceremony held at the FAC Annual Conference in Hillsborough.

  • Chiefland Fire Rescue wants Otter Creek contract

    Homeowners in the town of Otter Creek and the surrounding unincorporated Levy County area are seeing their insurance premiums go up and need relief.

    One solution, said Town Attorney Brent Baris, is to contract fire service coverage with the Chiefland Fire Department.

    But that brings up the sticky wicket of keeping fire assessment money collected from county residents for fire protection in Fire District No. 13 separate from money used to provide services within the township whose residents don't pay the fire assessment.

  • Bronson gets new principal

    Kevin Whitaker has been selected as the new principal at Bronson Middle/High School.

    Whitaker replaces Valerie Boughanem, who is the School Board of Levy County's new district Exceptional Student Education coordinator.

    Whitaker has 22 years of experience in education, starting as a football and weightlifting coach at Chiefland High School. His passions transitioned to administration, he said, and he has spent the past five years in assistant principal roles at Trenton, Bell and Branford. He was also selected as the Teacher of the Year at Newberry High School in 2004.

  • Officials warn of local phone scam

    Area residents have reported to Chiefland Police that someone has been calling and asking for funds to help raise money for the Chiefland Police Department and the Levy County Sheriff's Office.

    The problem? Neither department is raising money, said Chiefland Police Chief Robert Douglas Tuesday.

    "We haven't asked anybody for money," Douglas said. "This group does not represent us."

  • County wants budget put on diet

    The Levy County Commission on Tuesday asked the Sheriff's Office and any department that has not cut its budget to go back to the drawing board and pare their requests.

  • Not a garden variety plant

    No, the Chiefland Police Department is not decorating with a new type of office plant.  This marijuana plant, the first found by CPD this year, was found Friday by CPD Officer Kyle Webb, left, between an abandoned home at 406 N.W. 5th Place and a field.

    Webb said the plant was reported by a worker from Central Florida Electric Co-op., who was doing work in the area.  The plant was in plain view about 100 feet from the road.

  • Barron announces candidacy

    I, Teresa Barron proudly announce my candidacy for re-election to the Chiefland City Commission, Group 4.

    I’ve served as your Chiefland City Commissioner since August 2004.  My decision to run for office was not an easy one, however, I felt I could help bring about positive change to my City and a Commission that, at the time, seemed to be in turmoil.  In these last six years, there has been a great deal of positive change.  

  • Coast Guard extends highest protection to Levy

    Levy County Commissioner Lilly Rooks ,of Rosewood, who has been working with local officials and the Coast Guard in St. Petersburg on a plan to protect the coastline and local seafood industry from the effects of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, had good news for her fellow commissioners.

  • Nature Coast Business Development Council offers update on BP claims process

    There are several ways to file a claim with BP, said Pat O’Neal, Director of the Nature Coast Business Development Council, in an update Monday evening held in Chiefland to inform citizens about who should file and how to go about the process.

    “There are three ways, but they want you to file online or by phone first. That will assign you a number that will stay with you,” O’Neal said.

    The third filing option is to visit a claims office in person. The nearest one to Levy County just opened in St. Petersburg.