Local News

  • New city park needs a name

    Chiefland is planning a new city park and, well, just does not know what to call it, so the Chiefland City Commission is asking for the public’s help in suggesting and choosing a name.

    The person who comes up with the name can win $100 from sponsors  Dr. Bob Mount and Dr. Keith Richeson.

  • Stegall turns down county offer

    Williston Fire Chief Lamar Stegall, the No. 1 ranked choice for director of the Levy County Department of Public Safety, has turned down the salary offer of $79,000 to start with a rise to $85,000 in six months. He also asked for and was granted approval for at least two weeks of vacation time to go on pre-paid trips.

  • A tree falls in Bronson

    A tree fell across Northeast 104th Court in Bronson on Tuesday while the property owner was napping inside the home.

    The top of the tree broke and was leaning on other large trees for several days. The property’s resident was initially unsuccessful in hooking a rope around it to break it free.

    The tree later came down on its own.

  • Commission not happy with I-75 plans

    The Levy County Commission is not happy with the state's plans to relieve pressure on I-75, which runs through Alachua County to the east by possibly putting a high-speed, toll road that would go up the east side of Levy County and they are putting their distress in writing.

    On Tuesday, the commissioners noted their unhappiness with a proposal to upgrade U.S. Highway 41 to handle traffic on a new Tampa to Jacksonville route. Their action came after a public meeting was held in Williston on June 24 by the task force studying ways to relieve the traffic stress on I-75.

  • County begins budget workshops

    The Levy County Commission will officially begin its annual series of budget workshops with the first one on Wednesday, July 13, beginning at 9 a.m.

    The agenda calls for elected constitutional officers to make their presentations in the morning session, a break for lunch and then at 2 p.m. the commission will reconvene to hear requests from the municipal fire departments. The county contracts with the cities for coverage in the unincorporated areas.

    The meeting will be in the commission meeting room at the Levy County Courthouse, 355 S. Court St., Bronson.

  • County assessments remain same

    Levy County property owners can expect that the non-ad valorem assessments for ambulance, fire, the landfill and road services will remain the same in the fiscal year that begins Oct. 1.

    That’s because the Levy County Commission, on Tuesday, tentatively gave unanimously approval to keeping the assessments at the same level as last year. The final vote will be done following a public hearing scheduled for Sept. 13 at 6 p.m. at the county courthouse in Bronson.

  • County wants action on SR 24 due to accidents

    Levy County Commissioners have had enough with the accidents along a stretch of State Road 24 by the Bronson Speedway and University Oaks subdivision and they want the Florida Department of Transportation to do something about it.

  • Band shell in talks for Fanning Springs

    Talks of a band shell for Fanning Springs park Fort Fanning have met with positive responses from city council members.

    At the June 21 council meeting, Fanning Springs Chamber of Commerce President Michael Michaelis and Chamber Member Scott DeBerry presented a short video to the council that featured details and images of similar projects along with interviews with chamber members and others on why they felt the project would benefit the city.

    The structure could be used for movie nights, concerts, plays and more.

  • Chiefland hospital alive, progressing

    The Chiefland City Commission got some welcome news on Monday, an email from a person involved in the Suwannee Valley Community Hospital assures that the developers CBC Real Estate and Neuterra Health are proceeding with plans to build the facility.

    Frank Shupp, in an email sent Monday to City Manager Mary Ellzey, wrote: “The Hospital status in as follows: The Certificate of need is ‘alive’.”

  • Citizens sound off on highway pitch

    By Mike Wright

    Freeway upgrades first. Parkway extension second.

    That’s the consensus of a group of elected and appointed officials representing six Florida counties grappling with what to do about Interstate 75 congestion between Gainesville and Tampa.

    The I-75 Relief Task Force decided on a tentative plan that calls for upgrades to the freeway before entertaining thoughts of extending the Suncoast Parkway north to the Gainesville-Ocala area.