You're never too old to race

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By Claude Lewis

BRONSON -Most folks at the age of 67 are pretty set in their ways.

Sure, they might try a new salad bar, golf course or fishing spot, but a lot are not too eager to jump into something like racing.

Enter Pop Armstrong, who not only began racing three years ago. but wild and crazy School Bus Figure 8 racing at that.

Now 70, Armstrong was at Bronson Motor Speedway last Saturday night, driving the No. 49 bus.

Armstrong answered the obvious question of how he got started.

"I was in the hospital with pneumonia,"recalled the Brooksville resident. "My son-in-law Robbie visited me. He said if I ever get out of bed, he had a bus for me to drive. I called for my doctor. I told him I gotta get out of here."

Armstrong competes at tracks around central Florida.

"I'm always running at the end," he said.

Armstrong was understandably upset Saturday night, as his bus was obviously off.

"We changed the carburetor and I couldn't get it out of first gear,"he said. "It was a struggle. You're talking to a very upset driver right now."

Point taken, old timer, who proves it's never too late to take up something new.