Yoho wants Obama to seek approval on Syria

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U.S. Rep. Ted Yoho (R-District 3), whose district includes Levy County, said Thurday that President Barack Obama will need Congress's approval to take U.S. military action in Syria, where that country's government is being accused of using chemical weapons on its citizens in its battle with rebels. 

 “The recent news of the White House’s announcement to possibly take military action in Syria has sent waves throughout our nation.  While the President aims to intervene in Syria’s internal conflict, I maintain that it is neither the role of the United States federal government to do so nor the responsibility of the American taxpayer to fund such an unconstitutional act," the congressman, who is a member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, said in the statement.

Yoho, a freshman member of the House from Gainesville who was elected in 2012, is a member of the Terrorism, Nonproliferation and Trade subcommittee and Middle East and North Africa subcommittee.

"The Founding Fathers never intended an act of war to be conducted without the consent of Congress and if we are to engage in military aid or action in Syria, we are engaging in an act of war against a sovereign nation<" Yoho said while at the same time deploring the actions by both sides in Syria.

"I must listen to the countless Americans and constituents who have pleaded with both my colleagues and me in Congress to not engage.

"The situation we find ourselves in today is due to several decades of failed foreign policy and empty political bluffs that have placed an incredible burden on the American people.  Understanding that the President may proceed independently of Congress under the War Powers Act, it is my hope that he will consider more than just a consultation with Congress on these very serious actions."