Yoho statement on vote against re-opening government, debt increase

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WASHINGTON – On Oct. 16  the House of Representatives voted for a Continuing Resolution to fund the government until Jan. 15 and to extend the debt limit until Feb. 7h. The legislation passed the House of Representatives 285-144.

After the vote, Yoho said, “While I am happy we will re-open the government and get Americans working again, this legislation does not adequately address the root problem that got us here in the first place. Our out-of-control spending has caused us to constantly borrow more and more which brings us to this point each year. Rather than constant debt ceiling increases, we should focus on cutting our spending and increasing our revenues by creating an environment of certainty by getting government out of the way of business through tax reform, regulatory reform, and health care reform.

 “Nothing in this legislation gives me hope that we won’t be right back in this same place a few months from now. Rather than simply pushing decisions to another day, we should address them now. We’ve raised the debt ceiling fourteen times since 2001. By perpetuating that status quo we now stand at $17 trillion dollars in debt. That is the equivalent of owing $53,000 per American and $148,000 per taxpayer. By pushing our country more and more into debt, we will end up hurting all Americans regardless of party affiliation.”