Working better for you in 2008

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By The Staff

The staff of the Chiefland Citizen is committed to serving the people of Levy County and the surrounding area in the most professional, courteous manner possible.

To strengthen that commitment, we offer some tips that will help you help us fulfill our promise in the year ahead,

1) If you need coverage of an event, please give the editor at least a week's notice to verify reporter availability. Too often requests are made on too short notice and no one is available.

In the event no reporter is available, we always welcome your photos and basic information: who, what, when, where, why and how.

2) Please provide a phone number when you submit information for publication. Too often we have questions, and have no way of contacting you to verify or clarify.

3) Note that most reader submissions are published within two weeks of receipt. However, some items, especially those that have more than one picture, are often held until adequate space is available.

4) If you e-mail news, please ask for receipt confirmation from the editor. Too often things do not arrive and readers then wonder why their story has not run.

5) Please make sure your photos are of good quality. If your actual photo, whether it is print or digital, is dark and grainy, chances are it will be worse in print. Likewise, please ensure that digital photos are a resolution of at least 150 dpi. If they are e-mailed, please ensure they are at least 4x6 inches.

6) We will print hand-written obituaries. However, you must provide the name of the funeral home or crematory for verification purposes. Please note that obituaries are free if they follow our regular format. Should you want something different or in addition, there will be a charge.

7) Make sure if you call with complaints/concerns, you ask for the right person. Don't ask the receptionist about editorial concerns, and don't ask the editorial staff about circulation or advertising problems. Chances are, they won't be able to help you. Right contacts are listed every week on page 2 of this newspaper.

8) Rest assured if we make a reporting error, a correction will be made if it is brought to our attention. Call the reporter who did the story or the editor to ensure the correction is noted.