Woman Tasered, arrested in knife weilding

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By The Staff

In the span of about a day, it's not often that a person gets arrested, taken to jail, let out and then arrested and taken to jail again.

But that's exactly what happened in the wee hours Dec. 21 to 48-year-old Margaret Malone Goss, of Chiefland.

At about 11 p.m., Chiefland Police responded to a call from a Walmart security employee concerning Goss, who had, in October, been issued a trespass warning and told to keep away from the store. Police found the woman sitting in her car in the parking lot on the night in question, according to a CPD report.

Goss told police she had driven a friend to the store, but then got tired of waiting and went in to say she was ready to leave. Store security caught wind of her and called police, who, after questioning her, placed her under arrest in trespassing.

"As soon as Goss was detained, she became extremely upset, loudly crying and breathing very heavily," the report stated, adding that Goss was claiming to have a panic attack.

Levy County EMS was called, but when rescue personnel arrived, she calmed down and refused treatment, according to the report. Goss was then taken to the Levy County Jail.

At about the same time the following night, Goss had another encounter with law enforcement when sheriff's deputies responded to a call from a concerned neighbor next to her Chiefland home.

The neighbor, according to the sheriff's report, reported seeing Goss in her back yard beating her car. Goss told the neighbor to call her boyfriend and tell him to come over because she was planning to hurt herself, and she wanted her boyfriend to find her lifeless body.

Sheriff's Sgt. Clint Anderson responded to the call from the neighbor and confronted Goss in her back yard, asking the woman if she had, in fact, threatened to hurt herself. Goss said it was true, according to the report, and Anderson told her he was going to take her into custody so she could get help.

Goss pleaded not to be taken in, but when she didn't hear what she wanted to hear, she ran inside, grabbed a 6-inch knife from a kitchen drawer, turned and took a step toward Anderson.

"I then activated my Taser that hit her center mass without any affect to her," Anderson wrote in the report. "I ordered (her) to drop the knife and she did."

Goss was placed under arrest. When Anderson asked her what she had been thinking, the woman replied "she wasn't thinking and she was sorry for what she had done."

Goss was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon without the intent to kill. She's being held at the Levy County Jail.