Whoa! Whoa! Hold on lawmakers in Tally

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House Bill 119, the Boyd bill for PIP reform, is a scheduled to to to the house floor for voting to approve or disapprove. This bill has got to this point over strong objections by the doctors, attorneys and consumer groups in an attempt to limit fraud in the automobile insurance industry. This is a great idea, but this is not the best way. We all want the fraudulent claims to stop so our insurance cost can be reduced, but this legislation limits our access to the appropriate care giver. This bill requires accident victims to go to the emergency room within 72 hours of the accident to access their $10,000 PIP benefits. The ER at all our local hospitals are the most expensive place to receive medical treatment. Anyone who has been to the ER understands the cost is astounding and usually requires follow-up care with an appropriate specialist. Many times the patient's benefits are exhausted by only one trip to the emergency room. This puts undue financial strain on the patient to provide needed treatment for injuries that are not life-threatening. Certainly on life-threatening injuries the ER is the best place to go, but for normal strain/sprain type injuries the care is overpriced and usually ineffective for injuries that are not urgent. Also, after 37 years of patient care, I have seen thousands of patients suffer, whose injuries did not manifest themselves or subsequent symptoms that are not initially present for weeks after trauma.
This legislation also restricts the freedom of choice for the citizens of Florida. Under this proposed bill the patient is completely denied access to chiropractic care. Studies by government research, insurance companies and independent medical researchers all show that chiropractic is the most cost-effective, has the best outcomes and the highest patient satisfaction for musculoskeletal injuries. To require patients to go to the emergency room instead of the most cost-effective care giver makes no financial sense and will not reduce the financial burden on our insurance companies and citizens.'
Let's stop fraud by rooting out those that commit these false claims which are responsible for the escalating insurance cost. The insurance carriers have a profile on these repeat offenders. It is time to prosecute these unlawful providers without punishing the unfortunate individuals that are injured by accidents and retain our freedom of choice.
Keith Richeson
Doctor of Chiropractic