Whether you crave cavatini or a steak, Dana’s has it

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By Carolyn Risner

BFor almost all her life Dana Hodge has worked in and around restaurants. So when the opportunity presented itself late last fall to own her own place, she couldn’t wait to plunge in feet first.

The effort, Dana’s American and Italian Restaurant located on Hwy. 19 between Old Town and Cross City.

On any given day, patrons may find Hodge greeting customers, waiting tables or even preparing their meals. She wants her customers to know that she cares about their dining experience and wants them to leave happy.

From cavatini and lasagna to steaks and shrimp, Dana’s menu is varied but there is one constant. “We like flavor,” she said.

Everything that goes on the charbroiler is first marinaded in a conconction of Dana’s design.

And it’s that special flavor that makes the black angus steaks the best selling item on the menu, along with the homemade cavatini.

Fresh seafood comes from Apalachicola and on Sunday patrons take delight in the homemade fried chicken and banana pudding.

Even when Hodge isn’t the main cook, she pays close attention to what is served.

“I look at almost every plate,” she said, “and if I don’t like it, it doesn’t get served.

“I want everything to be good and have good flavor.”

Hodge says the prices, like the restaurant itself, are family-friendly with many items costing less than $10.

Other mouth-watering menu items include pizza.

Dana’s is open Thursday through Saturday beginning at 4 p.m. and on Sunday for the traditional Southern buffet at 11 a.m.