When life yields its greatest harvest

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While I would like to share a fishing story or tell about an upcoming turkey hunt; I am actually getting a jump on the early planting season. There’s this piece of land that my friends and I have been trying to make productive for some time. It was logged several years ago and now is so thick with underbrush that the only way to cruise it is when the leaves are off the trees. So for the last month we have been trying to acclimate ourselves to this property with topography maps as we walk this oddly shaped parcel. The good news is that we have found several places that are suitable for fields. The bad news is a bulldozer can only go so fast. But it is taking shape.
There’s a real sense of accomplishment when you see an unused and unproductive area become something special. I can already visualize this rough piece of land turning into a lush field of clover. A strategically placed hunting house will provide some wonderful memories for adult and child alike. But there’s a lot of work to do until then. In the meantime, we will keep clearing, cleaning and preparing. And we will enjoy the journey until we get to the finished product.
If there is one picture that keeps coming to my mind as I sit on that dozer, it is that I am mimicking the work of God in my life. While there are plenty of good areas that can yield a quality harvest, they are undeveloped. They may have potential but without some pushing, digging, clearing, and cleaning, they will never move beyond only potential.
 At first, it may seem that God is simply tearing down. It may even look ugly and barren. Some might even decry the need to disturb its present condition. But if my life is to yield the greatest harvest, it will only come after a time where God has removed the unnecessary, dug out the stubborn roots of pride and thinned out the things that are hindering growth.  And while the scars may keep me from seeing the finished product, I must trust the One whose view is grander than mine and whose hand is guiding every move in order to make me both productive and pleasing in His sight.
Gary Miller can be contacted at gary@outdoortruths.org.