What's the big deal?

I don't know about you but the Republican debate tonight on Fox News is not really the big deal everyone has made it out to be. 

OK, so 10 guys will be on a stage to answer questions on the important issues of the moment that may or may not matter by the time the March 2016 primaries in Florida roll around.  

I have a hard time these days latching on to what a candidate says in terms of determining who I will vote for in March 2016 and eventually in November 2016.  I cannot imagine that anyone else cares.

I mean we are planning school supply purchases for sales tax free week that begins this weekend. And football practices are underway. It's hot as the devil and the rains are flooding out our neighbors in Dixie County.  The sun has finally come out and we can all begin cutting the hay that grew during the past two week's rains. 

The debate will be on in our home. I will listen dutifully. But then I guess I will set it aside. 

March is pretty far off in the future.