What prompts this frenzy?

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By Lou Elliott Jones, Editor

Levy County is in a gossip frenzy. All it took was someone being out of the office, someone being added to the federal grand jury indictment that resulted in two Levy County commissioner being suspended and folks with nothing better to do than stoke the flames.

The first::

Sheriff Johnny Smith has not been arrested. This tidbit has been hanging around for weeks and keeps cropping up anew.

Smith’s spokesman has said the sheriff has no comment — a number of times.

This has just got to be hurting Smith’s family and we empathize.

This publication has asked folks to withhold judgment and to stop the gossip. The rumors only sow discontent and suspicions. And you have to ask how does it make Levy County look?

Next up:

Commission Chair Nancy Bell is the subject of a rumor that she is looking to fire some folks at county.

The whole thing almost makes the Queen of Hearts in Alice in Wonderland look like a charitable soul.

Bell says there’s no hit list or plans to fire anyone. And it would take a majority vote of the board to let an employee go.

“That’s definitely a rumor,” Bell said on Friday. “That’s totally somebody’s imagination.”

She says she’s not discussed letting anyone go with other commissioners. “Nor do I have any problems with any of these people,” she said.

Speaking of the three remaining commissioners, the vacancy sign has been pulled from Gov. Charlie Crist’s web site on those two interim commission positions.

Could that be a sign our governor is close to appointing replacements for the indicted commissioners and bringing the board up to its full five members?

The governor’s press office says Crist has not decided whether to appoint temporary or interim commissioners, or to see whether there is a resignation.

Guess we’ll have to wait and see what the rumor mill has to say about that.

But for goodness sake’s, Christmas is coming. Can’t we talk about that instead.

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