This week's letters (September 26)

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 Watch out for 


"Watch out for Motorcycles" is a bumper sticker I see frequently.  So, I've been watching them!  

Yesterday, while coming across SR 40, two were behind me, both with passengers.  The first passed me while I was doing 2 miles over the speed limit and zoomed off into the distance.  Soon we all had to stop for the light at SR 19 where both roads are two-lane.  

As I started across, the other one PASSED ME ON THE RIGHT and, had I not HEARD him and slowed down, I probably would have hit him when he swerved back into my lane, and I might have killed two people.

Traveling SR 121 at night, I'm frequently blinded by motorcycle triple high beam headlights, which are never dimmed and at my windshield height.  Eighteen wheelers don't blind me like these do.  How do these lights make the cyclist safer? 

I've also seen many bicyclists doing dangerous things like jay-crossing major streets, not wearing reflective clothing at night, having inadequate or no bike lights, and, once, riding more than two abreast, which put most of them outside the bike lane near the interstate at rush hour.

If you're on a scooter and can't do the speed limit, for your own safety you don't belong in the truck lane on the interstate, like one I recently passed and who was almost hit by the truck behind me. 

One thing I've never seen is a motorcycle pulled over by police.  Are they not subject to the same laws as other vehicles?  And more important, how can a motorist prove she/he was NOT at fault when the cyclist causes an accident?

Mignon Craig   



Congrats to Business of the year and thanks to sponsors and donors

The Greater Chiefland Area Chamber of Commerce and the community would like to Congratulate Chiefland Chrysler Dodge Jeep the 2013 Business of the Year.   Thank you to all our sponsors and local businesses that donated prize items, sponsored the flower arrangements and donated so many door prizes to our Annual Business of the Year Banquet. We had a great turn out and all had a wonderful evening of fun, delightful food and enjoyable fellowship.   

The Greater Chiefland Area Chamber of Commerce would like to draw special attention to The Print Shop of Chiefland located at 208 North Main Street, Chiefland for donating the Banquet Invitations and Programs. Trenton Floral & Gifts in Trenton for all our table centerpieces and the Gathering Table Restaurant in Chiefland, for the delicious catered meal they provided for us. Once again thank you to all that made this a special evening and again congratulations to Chiefland Chrysler Dodge Jeep, the 2013 Business of the Year.

The Greater Chiefland Area

Chamber of Commerce