Wake up America

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What is the President afraid of? Obama is going to give a major speech to tell the people how he is proposing to solve the jobs problem. But, he is waiting to make his proposals known to us sometime in September after Congress returns to Washington, D.C.
What he is afraid of is letting us know NOW what he is proposing because we will have time to digest his solutions. This would allow us time to let our senators and representatives  know what we think before they return to Washington, D.C.
If his proposals are so great, what is he afraid of?
Wake up America! Obama is preparing a clever trap for the Republicans. He does not have a practical solution to the jobs problem. His solution is the blame game.
His plan will include a trillion dollars in spending to "create" jobs. It will also include 3-4 trillion dollars in tax cuts, spending cuts and ways to eliminate loop holes.
Sound great, doesn't it?
However, the spending will happen in the first year, and the tax cuts will begin in the fifth or sixth year (these cuts will never happen).
When the House of Representatives votes this plan down, Obama will blame the Republicans and the Tea Party for killing his "creative" jobs plan. Now that is a creative plan.
James M. Raimondi