Wake up, America

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 Now that the elections are over, the hard work starts.

Our debt, which is in the double-digit trillions of dollars, must be reduced if we want to protect our children and grandchildren.

I have a proposal to start the process:

I was employed in civil service at a high-enough level to have become knowledgeable  about how most departments and agencies operate. As the end of the budget year approaches, the order comes down to spend all the remaining funds before the end of the budget year.  This is prevalent throughout the country and is done so funds for the following year are not cut. This is where much of the waste is produced. A substantial amount of money could be saved, or be put to better use, during this process.

Another way to start reducing our debt would be to cut 10 percent off the budget of each federal and state agency and department each year until the budget is balanced.

P.S. On an unrelated subject, have you ever heard Obama say “ I love America?”

James Raimondi