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Indians b'ball team 17-0

By Lou Elliott Jones, Editor

The numbers are simply amazing: 

No. 1 in 1A District 7; No.1 in state 1A standings on MacPreps.com.

Number of games won: 15; lost, 0.

Average points per game: 64.2; field goal percentage, 44; rebounds per game, 30.3.

It's a stunning season for the Chiefland Indians varsity basketball team. 

Coach Adam Boyd, in his fourth year as coach, is not resting easy. He talked before Tuesday's game against district spoiler Union County  (Editor's note: Chiefland defeated Union County in overtime on Tuesday and Newberry on Thirsday). 

“Every game I got a pit in my stomach,” he said. 

“Well I mean somehow we're 15 and 0. We played well, but its not like we played every game perfect. We've had stretches in games when we've not played well and we've been down in some games and we seem to be a second half team.”

This is the team that can turn things around. 

“If it's close or tight at the half, we get things fixed,” Boyd said. “We seem to come out and play better and harder in the second half.”

Boyd says the team plays a hard press, man to man coverage game. Nothing new really. “Hard work is really the backbone of what we do.”

The coach said when the game comes across as too aggressive, “We gotta back off. “

But then it's back to the basics. “We press and we score off our defense and we have to play hard all the time to do it.” Check out the number for steals per game: 20.5. That's a healthy number. 

Senior Kyle Weeks, who averages 13.6 points per game, is the team's leading scorer. Not far behind is Gg McLendon with 12.7 and Patrick Jackson with 10.1. When it comes to total points scored, here's the lineup: McClendon with 152, Weeks with 150, Jackson with 121, Junior Kyle Harris, 222, senior Deshawn Roland with 91 and junior Willie Brannon with 80. 

Deshawn Roland is a senior and he's leading us in assists (74), in steals (52). 

Boyd says Weeks, Roland and McClendon have been standing out in another way. 

“Those three have been knocking down threes for us.” Boyd said. Weeks and McClendon have 49 each, Roland has 29 and Jackson has 20. 

“When we been knocking down threes for us we're in pretty good shape,” Boyd said. 

One reason those players may be shining this year is that Roland has played with Boyd for 4 years, McClendon is in his second year and Brannon has played for two years. “They have gotten some playing time ? important playing time,” Boyd said. As time has gone on, Boyd has tweaked the game, but he thinks, “They have gotten more comfortable with the Xs and Os. It's gelling. Most of them are buying in on how hard you have to play to be successful,” Boyd said. 

And each of the nine players has a role on the team. “Shaquille Patterson doesn't score that much but he plays defense really well.”

“And we got other guys who come off the bench, when some shots are missed or we are down,” Boyd said. “The guys have stepped up. Whatever the reason is they have stepped up.”

He said those are the guys who fill a niche. “Our starting center Brannon leads in rebounds and when we played against Williston he held his own. He wasn't intimidated.

“To not have a loss yet, we need everyone to fill a role and that's what everyone's done.”

He said all that's needed for this teams success is a ball, a place to play and the expectation for success. That means kids who trust and listen to the coach. 

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