The two-story outhouse

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If you have ever used a computer and received emails, you may have seen a photo of a two-story outhouse. It’s a normal-looking structure, except for one thing: The top section is for politicians, and directly under that is a place for the voters. Of course, there is no plumbing, just a hole above and below the voters. You can well imagine what happens inside when a politician is seated above a voter.
Tuesday night, May 3, the voting public saw the outhouse in action.
Three of the Board of Levy County Commissioners  — Danny Stevens, Chad Johnson and Ryan Bell —voted to pass a special exception for the Tarmac King Road Mine.
By doing so, those three commissioners have violated their own special zoning regulations.
The zoning regulation clearly states that no exception shall be considered until ALL permits have been approved.
This was clearly relayed to the board members by numerous witnesses, under oath. Tarmac is still waiting for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to complete the environmental impact study.
The three commissioners' rationale for passing the exception: The board has been performing this same action in the past — violating the zoning regulations the board put in place. It's something the rest of us must follow to the ‘T.’
The only commissioner who gave a rational, responsible and legal opinion on this exception was Commissioner Marsha Drew. Commissioner Drew stated there was no rush, and the only legal, responsible action to be taken by the board was to wait until all of the information had been submitted.
Commissioner Johnson stated that he knew there were going to be lawsuits over this involving the county. Brilliant. The county is now going to have to defend itself in court using taxpayer monies against its own citizens who paid that tax revenue.
Well, in this last election, the citizens wanted change and exchanged two faces for twonew ones, but that’s all that has changed.
It’s business as usual in our county seat.
Noel K. Desmond