Trenton man arrested for DUI

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No good deed goes unpunished might be the slogan of 55-year-old Trenton man arrested Sunday.

Michael Sheer, according to a Chiefland Police report, had driven a friend needing medical assistance to the paramedic station in Chiefland late Saturday night. The police were called when paramedics suspected Sheer, who later attempted to leave in his vehicle, of being under the influence.

Paramedics told police Sheer could hardly stand and smelled "strongly of alcohol," according to the report.

Police later confirmed those observations, adding in the report that Sheer was having trouble speaking.

"At one point I had to hold Sheer up by his arm and chest so that he did not fall to the ground," an officer wrote in the report. This also prevented the officer from being able to perform a field sobriety test.

Police also discovered after a check that Sheer's driver's license had been cancelled indefinitely. 

Sheer told police he had driven his friend to the paramedic station because his friend did not want to be transported by ambulance.

Sheer was arrested and taken to the Levy County Jail, though his impairment was such that he had to be taken to a hospital for evaluation. After a blood sample, a doctor ultimately advised that the man be admitted overnight.

Sheer was issued a citation for Driving Under the Influence and for driving with a suspended or revoked driver's license.