Toxicity in Suwannee County

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In the event you did not know, Integrated Waste Management Services, Inc. wants to come to Suwannee County and build the largest toxic medical waste facility in the southeastern U.S. Their four incinerators would burn up to 120 tons of toxic medical waste per day.  The land they want to build on is prone to sinkholes yet our County Commission is strongly considering selling it to them.  If this facility was built and an accident should happen it could contaminate the aquifer and impact every person who drinks water from it.  Not just Suwannee County.  Please educate yourselves about this.  We need jobs up here but Suwannee County residents recently attended a town hall meeting on Sept. 19 and told Integrated Waste Management that we do not want them here no matter how many jobs they would offer.

 At the moment, our commission tells us that no formal offer has been made, but they are not telling us that they would vote against it. 

Peggy Duncan

Live Oak