Today in Levy County History:Yacht to patrol the west coast

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By Toni C. Collins, Levy County Historian

Marine Hospital to Inaugurate a new service

August 25, 1899 - Tampa Tribune
Tampa is to be the headquarters for a thorough quarantine patrol, which the Marine Hospital Services has decided to inaugurate along the west coast of Florida from Key West to Cedar Key. The vessel BRATTON will be on station to intercept fishing vessels from Cuba to prevent the introduction of yellow fever into Florida.
The BRATTON, a steam screw yacht of 57 tons net, was built at West Bay City, Mich., in  in 1895. The vessel was 100.2 feet long by 13.2 wide and had a draft of 5.8 feet. Formerly known as the Wapiti, the vessel was once a racing yacht on the Great Lakes.
Now lying at Tebo’s yacht basin, South Brooklyn, the former yacht will be put into condition to come to Tampa at once. U.S. Surgeon General Walter Wyman and a board of officer connected with the Marine Hospital Service expect this plan to be the surest way of avoiding this considerable danger.
Wyman described the vessel as a “pretty craft” that will attract much attention at Tampa and along the coast. In 1916, the vessel was transferred from the Marine Hospital Service to the U.S. Coast Guard and renamed the MAGOTHY. She went out of service in 1920.