Thanks for saving us money

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By The Staff

Banks are failing. Homeowners are being foreclosed upon. People are sacrificing simply to fill their gas tanks. In short, things are tough all over.

With dollars in demand and expenses on the rise, government agencies across the land have been asked to cut their budgets, trim the fat and work with what they have.

In Chiefland, two of those government offshoots have found cost-reducing ways to save the city, and ultimately the taxpayer, money.

In the wastewater treatment plan, superintendent Randy Wilkerson discovered by turning off two 40-horsepower blowers and substituting a chemical process to diffuse odor, the city could save as much as $18,000 each year.

Police Chief Robert Douglas found out that removing rooftop light bars from his cruisers reduced drag and afforded better fuel economy.

For a division that's dependent on its vehicles, that measure will save the city an estimated $15,000 a year.

In only a few short weeks, Chiefland employees have unearthed methods to save the city's taxpayers more than $30,000.

That's good news.

We applaud these public servants for being good stewards of our money and finding ways to save in a perilous economy.

What they do today will help weeks, months and maybe years down the road as we face an uncertain economy.

We urge other department heads-city, county and state- to search their budgets and find ways to reduce expenses.

It's all about dollars and sense.