Thanks from the Patrols

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Once again I have ventured to Washington, D.C., with the Levy County Safety Patrol from Williston Elementary School. We, in Bus 1, were led by Mrs. Lisa Posteraro and School Resource Officer Grant Sandlin, who kept us organized, entertained and safe (Bus 2 was headed up by Frank McKoy and Joelene Vining).
Just as the last trip I took with this organization, I was pleased to be among such great kids, chaperones and staff. This trip to our nation’s capital is an opportunity for many of these children and adults to learn so much about our country and to experience traveling in a unique way. The trip is informative, inspiring and, of course, fun! The students are exposed to the past through the many monuments and museums we visit; the present by learning about how and where our government works; and the future in seeing the possibilities available to them due to the freedoms we have just because we are Americans.
Thank you to the Levy County School Board for allowing this program into our elementary schools. Thank you to the teachers who sponsor the program and to the Levy County Sheriff’s Office for their support. Thank you to everyone in our community who gave money in one way or another to help send a student on the trip. Lastly, thank you for allowing me to join you and once again experience Washington, D.C., through the eyes of children.
Brandy Petteway