Thankful for jobs

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I have lived in Levy County for most of my life and own a 265-acre farm in the south part of the county on Highway 19. If constructed, the proposed nuclear power plant and King Road Mine will be my close neighbors. So, I believe my say in this is important.
Levy County is a wonderful place to live. Everyone who comes here wants to stay here, and those who are born here don’t want to leave. But right now, there’s no work and no opportunity for people to stay here and make a living.
I’m glad Tarmac and the nuclear power plant chose to build their projects in Levy County, creating jobs for a lot of local folks.
These projects are also going to bring in tax revenue to the county—more money than the county ever thought about.
I live less than a mile from the mine and am across the street from the site of the proposed power plant. So, if I can live with that and am not concerned I don’t see why others are fussing.
All my life I’ve tried to help others in need. In this county, I see a need for housing, medicine, clothing and food. I do what I can to help. It seems to me most people today are too self-centered; the interest of other people is not as important as their own comfort.
There have been many things said in the papers about these projects that are just not true. I’ve learned as much as I can about both projects because I will be more impacted than most. I just don’t see how we can turn away businesses that will provide good jobs and tax revenue for Levy County.
Mrs. Levaughn Robinson