Thank you

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I wish to thank all the contributors and participants, volunteers and staff for making the 2012 Florida State NASP Tournament a very special event.  First of all, the kids, of course, the best bunch of kids you could possibly gather in one place, they were terrific, as were their coaches.  Thanks to Safari Club International of North Florida, Tom Powell and Ray Pringle, Bear Archery Products of Gainesville, Neil Byce and Eric Godkin, Morrell Targets, Bernie and Dale Morrell and Woods ‘n Water Magazine for their contributions to the live event. 
To the Easton Newberry Sports Complex and their entire staff, who couldn’t have been more helpful. 
To Jane Behringer from the Deer Camp in Chiefland (and Cracker, the raccoon), who had a wonderful array of goodies on their table. 
And let’s not forget the volunteers and FWC staff — Bruce Antognoni, Harold Scott, JonElliott Antognoni, JoAnne Peagler, Clinton Bean, Ricky Roland, Suzanne Redditt, Amanda Sharp, Darlene Barry, Leslie Sharp, Ken Holmes, Bill Sargent, Tim McKinnon, Lesia McKinnon, Kevin Larson, Jayde Roof, Diann Roof, Linda Robbins, Jeff Summers, Robert Brienza, James Pickard, Kathy Jenkins, Sean Jenkins, Greg Workman, Jeff Swan, Bill Cline, Ryan Grady, Adam Young, Jordan Hilliard, Lynne Hawk, Karen Little, Louise Venne and George Warthen — who do this for the kids, and make this a “can’t miss” event every year.  And a very special acknowledgement to my staff assistant, Karen Little, who without a doubt worked harder than anybody! 
We hope to see everyone at the 6th annual “live” tournament in Newberry on February 23, 2013.
Steven R. Robbins
FWC Archery Programs Coordinator
Lake City