Tentative tax rate and budget proposed

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By Mark Scohier, Staff writer


With no comment from the public, the Chiefland City Commission unanimously approved a tentative tax rate and budget for the upcoming year in Monday night’s budget meeting.

The tax, or millage, rate was set at 4.7500 mills and, if approved in the next commission meeting, will take effect at the beginning of October.  A mill is one dollar per one thousand dollars of taxable value.  So, that means people who own property accessed at $100,000 would pay about $475 in property taxes next year.

According to the city’s written resolution on the matter, the tentative millage rate of 4.7500 falls below the state roll back rate of 4.9696 mills.

The tentative budget—based on the proposed millage rate—shows considerable reductions in most areas.

City Manager Grady Hartzog said the city’s general fund, which includes most of the city’s operational costs, such as administration, the police department, fire department, streets and parks, has been reduced by $758,535.72 compared to the last fiscal year and totaled $2,434,348.93.

The utility service fund, which totals $1,614,086.76 for the upcoming year, has been reduced by $95,428.14, he said.

The Industrial park fund was reduced by $2,068.66 to total $24,260 for the upcoming fiscal year, and the law enforcement trust fund actually increased by $14,014 from last year’s total of $8,000, Hartzog said.

According to the city’s budget performance records, revenues received from property taxes—the biggest single source of city revenue—are projected to be about $22,000 less than the last fiscal year. And while revenue from utilities is also projected to drop, the report stated that there would be an increase of $179,930 to revenues received from garbage collection.

The tax rate and budget proposals will be decided on at the next city commission meeting.