Ten Florida officers Killed in the Line of Duty

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Six by Gun Violence


Florida News Connection

Six law enforcement officers in the State of Florida were shot and killed during the first six months of this year, totaling 10 officers killed in the line of duty. It's a record number, reflecting growing violence against mostly city cops and county sheriff's deputies. Ironically, it comes at a time when the state is enjoying historically low crime rates.

Craig Floyd, chair of the National Law Enforcement Officer's Memorial Fund, Washington, D.C., says a big part of the problem is funding.

"We're slashing the budgets for law enforcement. We are giving them less training, less equipment, and there are fewer officers are on the street to keep our communities and our protectors safe."

The Florida National Rife Association claims the death toll is not the fault of firearms. The NRA says more than 1.9 million licenses to carry concealed weapon have been issued in the state, and only 168 have been revoked for misuse.

Floyd says officers need to maintain vigilance and awareness any time they interact with the public, yet they cannot treat everyone like the boogieman, requiring a careful balance of courtesy and caution.

"Law enforcement officers have to clean up the mess; they have to confront these deranged individuals who have no respect for government, for authority, for human life. Unfortunately, our officers are at great risk," Floyd said.