Tea Party Rally at Levy Courthouse

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By The Staff

On tax day, Wednesday, April 15, at noon all across this nation over 5,000 rallies will participate in Taxed Enough Already (TEA) party rally. 

If you are fed up with higher property taxes and dropping property values; higher gas prices while we don’t drill off Florida but China does, you should attend, a spokesman said.

Our county can’t fix our roads but they can leave lights on inside the courthouse, according to statement issued by organizers.  Retired county employees are rehired to the same job so they can retired the second time and collect two retirements as taxpayers pay for them – called double dipping.

Are you living on less to balance your budget while our federal government doesn’t balance their budget just spends more and more causing higher taxes not only to us but to our children and grandchildren?   Are you afraid of losing your job? 

Make your signs and bring them to the rally.  This is a way of showing you care about how they spend your money.  Please, no vulgar language or conduct because children will be attending and adults don’t need to show them how not to act in a rally.  Bring lawn chairs if you can’t stand for an hour or more. 

This event is sponsored by the Christian Coalition of North Central Florida and if you have questions please contact Juanita at (352) 339-0747