T-Ball team wins district

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Chiefland takes title

By The Staff

During the regular season for Chiefland Area Athletic Association, my T-Ball team won the league championship. When it came all-star selection I was selected as the T-ball All-star Manager, We started practicing two weeks ago to prepare for the district and state tournaments. This past week, starting on Friday, June 12, we played our first District 6 T-Ball tournament in Starke along with four other teams; Palatka, Bradford A, Bradford B, and Santa Fe.

Game 1: On June 12 we played our first game against Santa Fe. It was a real close game. We were neck and neck the entire game. This was the first experience that these little guys have ever had at the tournament level. As coaches, we felt that the players were not prepared -- they played just as they had in regular season running freely on the bases, not realizing that these players could throw and catch. So, we made mistakes that were costly. Unfortunately this cost us the game. We lost by one run. (Chiefland 26 - Santa Fe 27)

Game 2: On June 12 we played Palatka in the losers bracket. After the coaches got together and discussed the errors in the first game, we evaluated what the players had done wrong and explained it to the players. We came out with a new game plan. The kids had a whole different attitude. They were making better decisions on base running and paying better attention to the coaches. This game had a much better outcome. Sam Mills hit an out of the park home run, we had numerous double plays, and we scored our maximum amount of runs all innings. We won. (Chiefland 29 - Palatka 23).

Game 3: On Saturday June 13 we played Bradford B. This game again showed that our children were improving every game. The coaches were astounded by the children and their attentiveness and awareness of the players. They were getting better each time about knowing where to throw the ball and making plays. We scored our maximum (6) amount of runs each inning. Our batting was phenomenal. Every child performed to his potential. We won. (Chiefland 24- Bradford B 20).

Game 4: The second game on Saturday was with Bradford A. We were again hot on the bats. We scored our maximum amount of runs every inning (6). The temperature was extremely hot. We were so proud for our 5 and 6-year-olds to keep their composure to be able to play under adverse conditions an every child was eager to play every inning. Our defense kept getting better and better. The first inning, we only allowed two runs to score against us. In the last inning Dillan Allen had an unassisted triple play. He also had several double plays. One in particular could have turned into another triple play. We won. (Chiefland 30 - Bradford A 18).

Game 5: Sunday - The championship game. Since we were in the losers bracket we would have to beat Santa Fe twice. In this game we wanted to prove to Santa Fe, who we had lost by one run in the first game, who was the best team. We stressed to our team that if we lost, we would get second place. We wanted to be district champs and that was our goal. Again, we as coaches stood by and were amazed at the way the kids were grasping and responding to our demands. These kids had so much spunk; they wanted to win and wouldn't give up. This was a hard battle. It was tough. Our defense was tight. The first inning we only allowed three runs, the second inning they scored two, the third inning they were scoreless, the fourth inning they had four runs, the fifth they scored the maximum six, and the last inning they scored two. We won. (Chiefland 19 - Santa Fe 17). We won so we had to beat them twice. We had to prepare for another game in the hot sun.

Game 6: Second game on Sunday. We had an hour break. We finally won the coin toss that allowed us to be the home team. Our guys never gave up. They were focused and continued to make unbelievable plays. Our bats continued to keep us in the ball game, although they weren't as good as the day before. Fatigue may have been setting in. We were able to hold them in the first inning to five runs, the second inning four runs, the third inning one, the fourth inning four runs, and five runs in the last. We had numerous missed opportunities to shut them down but we made a couple of errors that allowed them to stay in the ballgame. We went on to win with the final score being Chiefland 21 - Santa Fe 15.

Final note: We couldn't believe the performance of the 5-6-year-old boys. With every game, they got better and better.

This was the first district T-ball tournament ever held in the state of Florida.

Fans, friends, and parents were treated to an out of the park home run, numerous double plays, and even an unassisted triple play. We are so proud to represent Chiefland and look forward to the state tournament.


Jason Cannon - scored 7 runs during the entire tournament

Connor Whistler - 16

Ashton Weatherford - 15

Grant Quincey - 15

Jonathan Cannon -15

Sam Mills - 13

Nathan Jordan - 14

Marquez Williams - 13

Dillan Allen - 9

Jacob Adams 11

Brendon Egge - 10

Phillip Telgen - 7

Jake Kline - 9

Manager - Wayne Weatherford

Coaches - Kyle Quincey, Jason Whistler, Scott Mills