Supports Tarmac project

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 I have been a resident of this area for the past six years and wish only the best for this community. I feel it is important to be an involved community resident and as such would like to share my belief with you.

I understand the Levy County Board of Commissioners has scheduled a hearing for the Special Exception application for Tuesday, May 3, in Courtroom A of the County Courthouse in Bronson. In the event my family and I are unable to attend, I would like you to know we stand in full support of the King Road Mine Project. 

We are excited about this project and hope to see it come to fruition. I/we feel it would be a tremendous attribute to the district in that it would allow growth within the community and would also help improve the local economy. As we are aware, many citizens of this community have suffered great financial loss over the last couple of years, and the approval of this project could truly be a blessing for many of these families. 

Some may perceive this project as a short-term solution yet one may also view it as a long-term solution or even, a gift. As an example, it may be just one family member that is hired for this project and as a result able to send their child to college, gifting the child with additional knowledge and skills and blessing that now grown child with the power to gift back to our very own community.

Thank you for taking the time from your busy schedule to read this letter.

Pedro Reyes