Super upset sheds ray of hope

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By Claude Lewis

Teams that win a lot – a whole lot – usually draw animosity.

Seems folks just plain get sick and tired of watching the same teams win time and again.

Look at the New York Yankees. Many like to point at George Steinbrenner with disgust as he tries to buy another World Series.

People even got fed up with Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls– dynasty in the '90s. Jordan shuffled off to play baseball before coming back to the NBA with the Bullets.

Which brings us to the New England Patriots.

Before the hammer comes down, I want to point out that I have a few good friends who are big Patriot fans. They are class people who have become understandably addicted to the winning ways.

I feel for you guys, but not for your team.

In fact, one of my favorite Websites this fall has been ihatethepatriots.com.

The Patriots have a coach who's easy to dislike and a "playboy" who is equally despised.

Crusty old Bill Belichick may be loved by the "Chowder Nation," but the revelation of "Spygate" turned his name to "Bellicheat" among Hatriot fans.

Tom Brady's model looks have had him tagged as a pretty boy for many moons.

He had a record-breaking regular season and marched into the Super Bowl with a confident swagger.

Looking back, perhaps it was an overconfident swagger.

The Patriots went into Super Bowl as 12-point favorites. Fans truly believed the tough time the Giants gave the Pats in Week 17 was an anomaly.

Brady laughed at Plaxico Burress' prediction – Giants 23, Patriots 17 – saying that he gave the New England offense no respect.

The party was all set. 19-0. The perfect season. Print up the shirts. Secure the parade route.

But a funny thing happened Sunday night in Glendale, Arizona.

Something that reinstilled faith that the Davids can still slay the Goliaths.

Something that gives all of us hope as we tackle our daily tasks.