A student's plea: Save our coach

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Letter to the editor by CJ Jack

By The Staff

Editor: My name is Cheri, some know me by C.J. At this current moment I'm an 11th grade student here at Chiefland High school. I wanted next year to be the best year here for me and a lot of other students at Chiefland High, knowing that it is going to be the last year for a lot of us. Unfortunately it won't be. Why, you ask? Well, it's not that we are taking a cut in games for some sports, or that the lunches may not always be what we expect them to be, even though they have been a lot better. No, it's neither. It won't be such a good year here because some of our teachers have been cut. Now, I know for a lot of them there's really nothing that can change, because they've known that this was going to be their last year for a while. But for one in particular she just found out recently. That person is Ms. Gore or Coach E for most of us. For all of you that may not know what she does here at Chiefland High, I will tell you. Ms. Gore is a PE coach here. She is also the coach for volleyball, girls' basketball, and girls' track and field. In the past years she has helped out with the softball team over at the middle school assisting Coach Davis. She has been a part of this community for many years. She even went to school here, she played volleyball, basketball, softball and ran track. She is an awesome teacher and coach to many of us. She is good at what she does. Coach E is the only coach here that is willing to coach all of the girls' sports excluding cross-country and softball. She has devoted a lot of time into this school for the past three years, not to mention the time that she spent subbing before she landed a job being a PE coach here at the high school. She is a role model, a mentor, and one of the most amazing teachers and coaches that you will ever meet here at Chiefland High school. When I have a problem I know I can always count on Coach E to lend me an ear and good advice when needed. No matter what it's about; school, a person, or just life, she is always there for me or anyone else. I am truly honored that I got the chance to play basketball and do track and field for her. I would like to continue playing for her in my last year here at Chiefland High school. She has shaped so many female student athletes here. She has taught us to be leaders on and off the playing fields whether it is on a court, track, softball field, or in the classroom. She has shown us who we can be and has pushed us to our highest potential. If it weren't for her pushing me all these years to do my best in school and on the court, or field, I would have given up a long time ago on everything. Not only has she done that for me but also for many of her athletes now and in the past. There are many advantages of having Coach E at Chiefland High School but by letting her go without any reason whatsoever, without giving her another chance to stay here is ridiculous. She is not just another coach, she is our coach, the person who makes the difference in my life and many others. She cares and she fights for what is right and so do I. I wouldn't have written this letter to you if I didn't care enough about here staying in our school and letting her continue to coach me and a lot of other girls at the high school. It is critical to keep her at the high school because she is the only female PE coach. Not only that, she is irreplaceable to all of her players and me and to many students. The school is going to have a hard time trying to find a coach like Coach E, with her personality, her ways with teammates, who understands and who also can communicate with her players on different levels. I will be the first to say; that if they bring in another coach besides letting Coach E. Gore stay, I will not be playing basketball next year for Chiefland High School. If I do play, I will not play with as much heart as I have in the past years because there is no reason to. Coach E knows her player's weaknesses, strengths, faults, and injuries. She has built up great teams and is still building great teams for the coming years. She has just started pre-season volleyball conditioning. Now you want to bring another coach in and start all over again with different views, tactics, and ways that we are not accustomed to. We may not win every game, but we try because of Coach E. Every year we become closer to winning districts. That's because of the amazing coaching skills of Coach E. There are so many other teachers that could have gone, my question is why her? Why the one person that does so much for girl's athletics? Can you answer that question? Maybe not, but I know a person that can. Coach Gore is still a young coach and teacher. I don't like to see such a remarkable teacher and coach who just started out in her career of teaching let go, again, for no reason stated. She is one of the main reasons why I, myself, want to become a teacher and a coach, because I know that she loves what she does, and where she is. But, do I have to feel afraid to pursue a career like this because maybe the same thing could happen to me as it has to Coach E and Mr. Stewart? The people that let us know that we can become great citizens and we can do anything we want to if we just show and put forth the effort to do such things. Does the students' opinion count at all any more to anyone? This is our education, not yours. By taking teachers and coaches out of schools, the people that make differences in lives, the one's that give kids second chances to become leaders and feel as if they really are important, only makes school less interesting and adventurous. That's why I'm willing to fight to keep Coach Gore here at Chiefland High school for as long as possible. I will go above and beyond for her because I know that she would do the same for me or any one of her student athletes. So I beg you as a student athlete here at Chiefland High school, please don't let Coach E. Gore go. She belongs here. If teaching and coaching here at Chiefland High is where her heart and passion lie, give her her wish and the students' wish. Let her stay here at Chiefland High. She doesn't belong anywhere else. I am speaking on behalf of my fellow athletes and students, also to let you know that I'm on Coach E's side. Thank you for reading this letter and I hope that this letter helps you know just how the student body at Chiefland High feels about letting such a wonderful teacher and coach like Coach E go. We don't appreciate it at all. Cheri Jack (CJ)