Students learn history through music

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By Ashley Andresen, Staff Writer

"Primarily, it's to remind people. Most of us go through life day by day, existing. It's to remind people we can choose. We can author our own story."

For Donna Wissinger, this is the objective of the educational and entertaining program "An American Tapestry." Piano player Joy Myers accompanied her in the program given at Chiefland High School's auditorium for a large audience of middle schoolers.

Their lively performance taught the students about the Revolutionary War and the role it played in the freedoms we have now. The program also featured a slideshow of artwork from many famous American artists and music from various musicians.

Wissinger explained that she grew up in a town in Pennsylvania and didn't have the opportunity for diversity.

"I want to demonstrate living life at its fullest," she said.

"In America, the Revolutionary War formed a country in which all people can be treated equal. I wanted to show them art, diversity and different beliefs that have formed, in fact, that country."

Wissinger has played the flute for 35 years and has been doing educational programs for 25 of those years. Half the time they are performing concerts and the other half programs such as this.

This was their first time performing in front of such a large crowd and they plan to continue doing so in the future.