Streets considered for improvements

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By Jeff M. Hardison

After Chiefland City Engineer Lee Mills spent an hour telling the City Commission about roads that might be paved, City Manager Grady Hartzog Sr. listed four he saw as best candidates during the Feb. 25 commission meeting.

The four roads Hartzog listed are all the city can afford now, he said, but Finance and Projects Coordinator Laurie Copeland is working to obtain Community Development Block Grants. These CDBGs are for water, sewer, fire hydrants and some paving, she said.

The city has collected about $300,000 in franchise fees from Waste Pro. These funds can pay for city road paving. Approximately $40,000 of that money has been budgeted to pave part of Southwest Fourth Street, Southeast Fourth Street, Southeast Third Avenue and a street off of Buie Park Road, which might be known as Southeast Eighth Court.

City Commissioner Sammy Cason said he thinks it's Eighth. Mills said it is Eighth or Ninth, depending on who is asked.

Before Mills listed streets he had quickly reviewed for paving, he said some of the numbers are not confirmed. There are some issues with the exact numeric order of some streets in the city.

While it is not being paved, city workers are going to work on Northwest Sixth Street to level some bumps there.

All four of the next streets Hartzog sees as being best for improving are in the Northwest quadrant of the city. He mentioned his selecting an equal number of streets on the north and south sides of the city, when he noted the other southern streets had been approved previously.

Northwest 15th Avenue, Hartzog and Mills said, will be best improved by making it a gravel road, because the impervious surface of pavement makes drainage a problem there. Using gravel might even improve drainage of storm-water runoff from that road, Mills said.

Roads for paving are Northwest 12th Street and 18th Avenue, and Northwest 16th Avenue by the Melody Apartments. City Commission Rollin Hudson said he thought the road by the apartments was a dead end and it did not serve many people.

All of the commissioners are going to look at roads before the next meeting so they can give Hartzog more input about creating the best road priority list, and to make requests for bids on the road projects.

Among the other roads that Mills spoke about were: Northeast 13th Place and Third Street, Southeast First Street and Second Drive behind Buddy's Bar, Southeast Fourth Street, Southeast Fifth Street near the Church of God, Southwest Third Avenue near the Tommy Usher Community Center, Northwest Eight Street, Northwest 16th Avenue, and Northwest 11th Drive behind Barbecue Bill's.