Still one person short

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A Chiefland Citizen editorial

By The Staff

Maybe we should all send maps to Florida Gov. Charlie Crist with Levy County circled.

Apparently, the governor has forgotten that we are still here.

Last fall, the governor suspended two county commissioners who faced federal indictments. He also had a vacancy on the Levy County School Board after a member resigned.

After several months, the governor finally filled the School Board seat and one of the County Commission spots in early March.

That left us with one County Commission vacancy.

Now, six months after the charges were made public, that situation still exists.

We've seen all sorts of appointments come across the wires. In Levy County, Crist made a Housing Authority appointment in late November.

But six months later, no commissioner.

At last week's Day of Prayer, Commissioner Nancy Bell appeared exasperated when asked about the vacancy. She noted how "unprofessional" it was of the governor's staff to be making calls for verbal references on some candidates.

It seems inconceivable that Crist would delay this long in filling the seat, which at this point is the one vacated by Tony Parker.

So we just want the governor to know that we're still here, and our County Commission is still operating, despite having only four members and the potential of a 2-2 tie on some votes.

The decision shouldn't be that hard, governor. How about giving Levy County a fair shake.