Statements need fact checking

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There is an old saying: Actions speak louder than words. I was pleased to see the Opinion, and Mr. Schupp's request to complete a feasibility study to assist in making the Tri-County Hospital a reality.  It is imperative that we, as a community, show our support for Ameris Health Services and for the completion of this hospital.  I strongly recommend that we stand up, speak up and be heard above those, for whatever their motives may be, who want to stifle the construction of a hospital in the Tri-County area.  It is important that all the citizens in the Tri-County area complete and submit the feasibility study and encourage others to do so. Otherwise, we will continue the expensive trips back and forth to Gainesville for our health care, especially for emergency services, as well as for routine tests and x-rays, in turn continuing to financially support Gainesville's, Crystal River's and Williston's medical facilities when we could be supporting our own, which we desperately need.   Considering the economic factors, fuel consumption, wear and tear on vehicles, future population growth, as well as putting peoples lives at risk as a result of emergency transport to the nearest suitable hospital, for our sake it the hospital must be built.
I, as well as others who have written letters to the Editor, am still looking for a response from Noel Desmond as to where he obtained the statistics regarding the subject as to how many people would (NOT) use a local hospital. If I don't see a response to this question in the near future, I will assume that his statistics were manufactured or homegrown. If his intent was to put a negative spin on the Tri-County Hospital without substantiated statistics, I personally would never consider voting for Noel Desmond for any elected office in the future if he used unsubstantiated statistics to establish a point. 
I am looking forward to the community's support for the Tri-County Hospital, and the continued support of  Ameris Health Services for the community to continue well into the future.
For God and Country
Dennis Hardin