SRWMD pays taxes

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Special to the Citizen

Most counties within the boundaries of the Suwannee River Water Management District (District) will receive a bigger check this year from the District for payment in lieu of taxes (PILT).
The PILT program was created by the Florida Legislature to help reduce the fiscal impact to rural counties when District-owned lands are taken off the tax rolls. Since land owned by the District is tax-exempt, PILT funds offset the loss of tax revenue when the District purchases property for flood control, water quality, water supply and natural resource protection.
PILT required the District to pay taxes on public lands for a 10-year period. But with the recent passage of legislation counties will now receive PILT funds until their populations reach 150,000.
“This means the majority of our counties will see an increase in PILT revenue this year because taxes will be reinstated for property that had previously fallen off the tax rolls due to the 10-year cap,” said District Assistant Executive Director Charlie Houder. “This will result in more revenue to support our small counties.”
Collectively, 11 counties within the District will receive a total of $326,314 in PILT funding this year in comparison to the $177,012 they received last year.
The following are totals for each county:
·         Bradford: $15,093.45
·         Columbia: $23,183.09 (tentative)
·         Dixie: $24,196.21
·         Gilchrist: $43,990.32
·         Hamilton: $38,351.28
·         Jefferson: $9,223.41
·         Lafayette: $77,306.21
·         Levy: $25,108.88
·         Madison: $20,464.85
·         Suwannee: $30,429.59
·         Taylor: $18,967.43
District officials will distribute PILT payments to the county commissions through the end of October.