Springhouse Quilters: Nov. 7

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Springhouse Quilters have been busy this year trying to complete all of those unfinished projects that get started but seem to never get finished.  One quick project for 2010 was a Hoffman Fabric Challenge that was presented to the membership.  A selected piece of fabric was given to each participants and they were instructed to create any size, any pattern,  project as long as the selected piece of fabric was recognizable after the item was finished.   

A very small piece of fabric was provided to each participant.  It was amazing to see how large some of the items became using the selected emphasis fabric. 

Each year, Springhouse members select a community project to help a group in need.  

For 2010, receiving blankets have been made and provided to an agency that receives children without homes.  These children, from new born and up, have been provided their own special blanket. These blankets are a comfort to these children. It is an item that they can claim as their own. Almost 100 of these blankets have been provided for these needy children.

Springhouse Quilters is a not-for-profit group. We enjoy sharing our quilting knowledge with others and providing a community service to those needing quilting friends. Springhouse meets on the second Tuesday of each month for a business meeting and other times with various classes or workshops.

Springhouse has a special quilted raffle quilt on display at the Suwannee Valley Quilt Shop in Trenton with raffle tickets available.  For information on Springhouse, contact Lois Scott, 463 2207.