Showing their true colors

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The BOCC showed their true colors June 21 when Commissioner Ryan Bell pulled a last minute, non-agenda item for the removal of Toni Collins from the Planning Commission. It was interesting how two commissioners, Chad Johnson and Danny Stevens, felt that it was Bell's district so he should be able to remove and replace as was his desire. 

It is interesting how when Commissioner Marsha Drew had an agenda item on this same topic to replace Mr. Thad Barber these same two commissioners felt she had no right to do this. In the request by Commissioner Drew, Mrs. Collins had made a loud verbal comment stating  to  Commissioner Drew, "Have you lived here long enough to be making decisions."

Now I wish no ill will to Ms. Collins but she had no idea what was about to happen Tuesday and no opportunity to express her desires. What this shows is poor judgement by Commissioner Bell. 

Commissioner Bell in talking to a reporter was heard to say we have no set policy and procedures on this matter of appointing or requirement to advertise the  position although I believe we should. What a statement to make, basically he is saying: I am not required to do it, and even though it should be a requirement I am within my rights to do as I please. At least Commissioner Drew put it on the agenda and it was well known she was looking for a replacement.

Being a resident of Levy County for six years it is easy to see that some of our commissioners have a separate secret agenda, which in my opinion shows a contempt for the citizens of the County. The lack of policy and procedures has been brought up many times over the past few years, and yet I do not see any of the commissioners working with the attorney  to get a standard policy and procedure manual for appointments and ensuring development department submittals to BOCC are complete. This is another issue, what are we paying an a exorbitant amount of money to Mrs. Anne Bast Brown for? Why does she not take the initiative and get the ball rolling and  make sure that the County has policies and procedures that does not allow for cowboy law to be the standard in the county. 

Citizens, we have commissioners running for office in districts they do not live in, commissioners that do not require standards to be set and upheld, we have a group of commissioners that has done nothing to develop the economy of Levy County.  

It is time to reevaluate who you vote for and not continue to elect the same old politicians that milk the taxpayers dry because of their lack of vision and shortsightedness.

Jack Schofield