Sheriff's Reports

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By The Staff

The Levy County Sheriff's Office reports the following arrests:

_ Willie Gilbert, 44, Williston, was arrested on 06-19-08 for illegally siphoning gas from a truck owned by a local construction company. Gilbert told police he needed the gas to get to work. He was charged with petit theft and trespassing-$2,000 bail.

_ John M. Lee, 45, Crystal River, was arrested on 06-18-08 after having an argument with his disabled uncle whom he allegedly knocked out of his wheelchair. According to police, both had been drinking. Lee was charged with abuse of a disabled adult and resisting arrest without violence-ROR.

_ James T. Andrews, 42, Bronson, was arrested on 06-16-08 after admitting to stealing checks from his mother and then forging her signature. He was charged with forgery, uttering a forged instrument and theft-Released on own recognizance (ROR).

_ Linda Smith Bondurant, 53, Bronson, arrested on 06-18-08 for possession of controlled subtance w/o prescription-ROR.

_ Virtron Lamont Horton, 23, Chiefland, arrested on 06-18-08 for FTA-domestic battery, FTA-battery-$2,000 bail

_ Richard Lee Etheridge, 23, Morriston, was arrested on 06-15-08 for fleeing and attempting to allude, culpable negligence-$3,000 bail.

_ Justin M. Zorilio, 21, Gainesville, arrested on 06-17-08 for DUI-ROR.

_ Richard L. Lyons, 55, Bronson, arrested on 06-15-08 for disorderly intoxication-ROR.

_ Thomas Miller, 41, Micanopy, arrested on 06-15-08 for burglary and theft-$5,000 bail.

Stephanie Peeks, 39, Gainesville, arrested on 06-13-08 for selling and possession on cocaine-no bond.

Reynaldo Orlando Salamaya, 22, Groveland, arrested on 06-14-08 for grand theft-ROR.

Debbie Barfield, 54, Williston, arrested on 06-12-08 for domestic battery-ROR.

Sean W. Wilkerson, 26, Bronson, arrested on 06-15-08 for domestic battery-$5,000 bail.

Juan O. Rodriguez, 59, Williston, arrested on 06-14-08 for domestic battery, tampering with a victim-$2,000 bail.

Emmanuel James Pope Jr., 23, Ft. White, arrested on 06-13-08 for aggravated battery-$75,000 bail.

Christy D. Moore, 20, Chiefland, arrested on 06-15-08 for domestic battery-ROR.

Vernon Scott Hagerman, 45, Bronson, arrested on 06-19-08 for domestic battery-$5,000 bail.

Cody J. Freemen, 19, Otter Creek, arrested on 06-17-08 for violation of no contact order-$10,000 bail.

Stacey Nygard, 19, Chiefland, arrested on 06-17-08 for violation of no contact order, poss. of cannabis (more than 20g) and poss. of drug para. -$12,000 bail.