Sheriff's Reports

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By The Staff

The Levy County Sheriff's Office reports the following arrests:

_ James Thomas Jr., 27, Chiefland, on two charges each of sale of crack cocaine, possession of crack cocaine after the sheriff's office arranged two drug buys from Thomas behind the South Chevron on Southeast 1st Street, Chiefland.

The report says the area behind the Chevron in South Chiefland is known as being a place to purchase drugs. Bail for Thomas on all charges is $30,000.

_ Adam E. O'Donnell, 19, Northwest 70th Street, Chiefland, on charges of depriving 911, domestic battery and misdemeanor possession of marijuana. Bail set at $13,500.

_ Kimberly Land Wirth, 24, Southeast Hwy. 30, Old Town, charged with retail theft of a 24 ounce of beer from the Waco Food Mart on Northwest 174th Street, Fanning Springs, after the clerk refused to sell a beer after 1 am to Wirth and a female companion. Bail set at $500.

_ Sherry Lynn Dean, 44, Northeast 95th Avenue, Bronson, on two charges of possession of a medical drug without a prescription during a traffic stop for erratic driving. The sheriff's report said Dean told the officer she was taking prescription medication. When the officer checked the medicine bottles they contained other prescribed medication. Bail is $10,000.

_ Claude R. Renfroe, 47, South Court Street, Bronson, on charge of disorderly intoxication. Bail set at $1,000.


_ William S. Holness, 24, Southwest 8th Place, Williston, on FTA battery and obstruction of justice charges. Bond set at $5,000.

_ John M. Chattin, 43, Hollow Stump Road, Tampa, on FTA on driving with suspended/cancelled/revoked driver license and resisting arrest without violence. Bond set at $5,000.


_ Charles R. Schafer, 36, Northwest 178th Avenue, Chiefland, on Texas charge of violation of probation on a possession of marijuana charge. Bond set at $30,000.

Christopher Roman, 21, Humphrey Street, Oxford, Ala., on state charge of violation of probation on grand theft. No bond.

Jeannette I. Coleman, 47, Pine Apartments, Chiefland, on charges of vehicle theft and dealing stolen property. Bond is $10,000.

Randy Dale Hite, 36, Canal Street, Fanning Springs, on charge of battery of elderly. Bail set at $6,000. Also on write of bodily attachment from Dixie County. Bail set at $7,000.

Yolanda N. Sims, 29, Northwest 120th Street, Chiefland, on charge of vehicle theft, dealing in stolen property. Bail set at $10,000.


Linda Joy Ellis, 36, Northeast 210th Court, Williston, on reckless driving. Bond set at $2,500.

David Ray Puckett, 42, Northeast 2nd Street, Williston, on battery. No bond.

Cantina Glover, 29, Northwest 157th Street, Trenton, on sale of cocaine.

Frank Eugene Adams, 61, Southeast County Road 337, Morriston, on possession of drug paraphernalia. Bail set at $5,000.