Sheriff's Report & Most Wanted for May 19

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The Levy County Sheriff’s Office reports the following arrests:
n May 9, Rebecca J. Alvarado, 35, Trenton, writ of bodily attachment. Bond $1,176.93.
n May 10, Daniel Luke Arrington, 33, Chiefland, burglary, grand theft, dealing in stolen property. Bond $100,000.
n May 15, Cody James Blair, 19, Bronson, aggravated stalking. Bond $100,000.
n May 9, Todd Edgar Bloss, 40, Keystone Heights, no driver’s license. Bond $500.
n May 11, Marcus Daine Bolden, 31, Chiefland, selling cocaine within 1,000 feet of a place of  worship, possession of cocaine with intent to sell.
n May 10, Brian Anthony Brown, 38, Archer, DWLSR. Bond $1,000.
n May 14, Freddie Perez Coronado, 38, Williston, domestic battery. Bond $2,500.
n May 14, Steven Alan Cutler, 27, Bronson, DWLSR and drug equipment. Bond $1,500.
n May 9, Donald Eugene Dockney, 50, Bell, controll of animal diseases and animal cruelty offered for sale. Bond $1,400.
n May 10, Lauren Fortner, 24, Williston, domestic battery.
n May 14, Joyce Ivy Harper, 26, Archer, possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of marijuana.
n May 9, Valerie Sue Hudgins, 63, Chiefland, stalking.
n May 13, Albert Keith Haynes Jr., 20, Williston, VOP five counts burglary, VOP burglary of a structure and VOP carjacking. Bond $60,000.
n May 15, Tony Lavon Hulon, 19, Bronson, two counts domestic battery. Bond $20,000.
n May 13, Lagonda O’Shen Johnson, 27, Bronson, sex offender violation–fail to notify  law enforcement change of residence within 48 hours. Bond $50,000.
n May 12, Randall Kyle Lanier, 25, Chiefland, DWLSR, FTA DWLSR. Bond $500.
n May 12, Rebekah Lester Layfield, 52, Bronson, bond surrender battery. Bond $500.
n May 16, Benton Dwayne Lindsey, 42, Chiefland, DUI third or more offense, DWLSR habitual, refusal to submit, manufacture of methamphetamine, refusal to sign citation, possession of listed chemicals, possession of drug paraphernalia. Bond $31,500.
n May 11, Stephanie Michelle Lockler, 41, Cedar Key, larceny, making false report knowingly. Bond $20,000.
n May 15, Jose Madonado Manual, 32, Chiefland, no DL. Bond $500.
n May 9, Daniel John Marcinko, 55, VOP burglary of unoccupied structure and VOP grand theft. Bond $20,000.
n May 11, Adam Morice Miller, 34, Chiefland, culpable negligence, no motor vehicle registration, DUI, reckless driving and leaving scene of crash with property damage. Bond $60,000.
n May 11, Bobby Lee Miller, 26, Chiefland, retail theft. Bond $1,000.
n May 10, Dustin Ross Morgan, 23, Trenton, VOP robbery.
n May 9, David Randolph Palmer, 56, Archer, domestic battery/strangulation. Bond $50,000.
n May 13, Sheri Michele Phillips, 34, Williston, child abuse.
n May 13, David Edward Pompeo, 21, Gainesville, two counts VOP burglary of a structure, VOP grand theft and VOP petit theft.
n May 13, Donna Angelina Scott, 36, Bronson, contributing to the delinquency of a minor.
n May 9, Tristan Vashaun Stokes, 27, RWOV.
n May 10, Larry Milton Sykes, 49, Panama City, disorderly intoxication, trespass, criminal mischief. Bond $1,500.
n May 10, David Ray Thrasher, 26, Chiefland, four counts VOP possession of controlled substance.
n May 10, Robert Ray Weeks, 24, Old Town, burglary, possession of a concealed weapon, domestic battery, simple battery, aggravated battery with a deadly weapon. Bond $50,000.
n May 13, Samuel Wayne Wesson, 51, Trenton, off bond DWLSR, VOP burglary, VOP grand theft. Bond $25,000.
n May 11, Sean Thomas Wheeler, 31, Pinellas, VOP DWLSR, VOP possession of forged notes,
n May 15, John Keith Williams, 56, Chiefland, domestic battery. Bond $25,000.
n May 5, Kimberly Land Wirth, 27, Old Town, FTA  petit theft, FTA resisting officer in recovery of stolen items.
n May 13, Stephen Teophileo Woodley, 34, Bronson, DWLSR habitual. Bond $1,000.
n May 10, Donald Leroy Wyant, 49, Williston, simple battery. Bond $10,000.