Sheriff's Report & Most Wanted for March 31

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The Levy County Sheriff’s Office reports the following arrests:
n March 22, James Bascum Allen, 39, Old Town, readmit from court DWLSR.
n March 26, Griagal Connell Barr, 34, Williston, burglary of a dwelling. Bond $40,000.
n March 21, Bobby Lee Bean, 23, Bronson, readmit from court DWLSR.
n March 27, Dennis James Berry, 58, Chiefland, hold for the state of Ohio, three counts: trafficking in drugs, possession of drugs and possession of criminal tools.
n March 21, Roger Paul Brown, 49, Morriston, bond surrender, dealing in stolen property. Bond $5,000.
n March 24, Kinisha Shareen Carter, 32, Cross City, hold for Dixie County-stalking and DWLSR, retail theft, VOP disorderly conduct. Bond $2,600.
n March 21, Amanda Ashlee Clark, 24, Citrus Springs, FTA three counts-two forgery, petit theft. Bond $21,000.
n March 22, Sean Ryan Donahue, 22, Inglis, VOP burglary. Bond $25,000.
n March 24, Amanda Michelle Douglas, 18, Fanning Springs, grand theft, dealing in stolen property. Bond $20,000.
n March 23, Randi Lynn Fumea, 23, Chiefland, readmit larceny theft, two counts.
n March 28, Brandon Wayne Gadson, 21, Grant, Mich., loitering and prowling, possession of meth, possession of cocaine, possession of roxicodone, possession of hydrocodone, possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia.
n March 27, Dawn Melinda Heyde, 49, Yankeetown, domestic battery.
n March 23, Carolou Ann Lonic, 30, Trenton, possession of a controlled substance, sale of a controlled substance. Bond $40,000.
n March 21, Kathleen Dawn Luce, 30, Chiefland, readmit from court DUI.
n March 23, Hanford Merle McPherson, 24, Bronson, grand theft auto and dealing in stolen property. Bond $40,000.
n March 24, Bobby Willis Morgan, 233, Trenton, VOP battery and criminal mischief. Bond $15,000.
n March 24, Carlos Javier Ortiz, 19, Bronson, possession of cannabis with intent with intent to sell or deliver and sale of cannabis. Bond $30,000.
n March 26, John Alford Ralston, 39, Fanning Springs, domestic battery and tampering with a victim of 911. Bond $10,000.
n March 22, Joshua Brian Reeves, 24, Cross City, VOP possession of a controlled substance and sale of a controlled substance.
n March 25, Darjuan Derrick Robinson, 28, VOP two counts grant theft and two counts grand theft auto.
n March 21, Stebeon Germaski Robinson, 28, VOP possession of cocaine, two counts.
n March 25, Curtis Callen Smith, 61, possession of cocaine, tag attached not assigned, possession of a controlled substance without a  prescription and DWLSR. Bond $20,500.
n March 28, Tammy Lee Spears, 24, Inglis, loitering and prowling.
n March 28, Raymond Arthur Spencer Jr., 25, Reedsport, Ore., domestic battery.
n March 24, Kenneth Eugene Strong, 49, Chiefland, writ of bodily attachment. Bond $700.
n March 23, Terry Lee Thompson, 47, Williston, readmit burglary of a structure, resisting officer and larceny.
n March 26, Rebecca Lee Watts, 47, Chiefland, trespass after warning.
n March 26, Bernard Wheeler, 54, Williston, hold for Marion County-DWLSR.
n March 23, Erick Hernandez Acosta, 33, Morriston, DWLSR. Bond $5,000.
n March 25, Elliott Howard Ansin, 24, Interlachen, sale of controlled substance, possession of controlled substance. Bond $15,000.
n March 24, Jerald Samuel Billups, 35, Inglis, FTA larceny.
n March 24, Rollin Lee Bonday, 64, Williston, no vehicle registration and DWLSR. Bond $500.
n March 22, Marcelo Buebaventura, 30, Morriston, FTA no driver’s license.
n March 23, Debriana Kathryn Cromwell, 32, Chiefland, DWLSR knowingly.
n March 21, Frank Louis Darcangelo, 25, Tarpon Springs, VOP possession of carisprodol and possession of marijuana.
n March 25, Clayton James Faulkner, 25, Old Town, DWLSR. Bond $500.
n March 22, Jane Rusby Keene, 59, Fanning Springs, trespassing.
n March 21, Amanda Jean Kricos, 30, Homosassa, reckless driving.
n March 21, Virginia Marie Manis, 48, Williston, domestic battery.
n March 24, Hermie Gerrell McClendon, 37, Chiefland, possession of cocaine and sale of cocaine. Bond $100,000.
n March 25, Micah Mincey, 27, Williston, domestic battery. Bond $2,000.
n March 21, Alan David Monette, 26, Williston, violation of domestic injunction. Bond $50,000.
n March 23, Georgia Ann Neeley, 32, Fanning Springs, domestic battery. Bond $500.
n March 22, Joshua Caleb Reed, 23, Chiefland, DWLSR. Bond $500.
n March 26, John Richard Semrau, 74, Gainesville, DUI.
March 23, Marcos Antonio Solis, 20, Oklawaha, VOP.
March 22, Jesse Wayne Walker, 21, Chiefland, hold for Suwannee County. Bond $25,000.